The ongoing unlawful protests taking place at Limpopo University are preventing many of the students from attending lectures and thus are a violation of our constitutional right to education. 

We are missing lectures and tests. As the "silent and intimidated" majority of the university students, we do not condone this unlawful behavior and believe that the university should be protecting the rights of the majority of our students, rather than pandering to the whims of a small group of unlawful attention-seekers. 

It you believe, like us, that the university needs to make a plan to provide us with the education we are paying a lot of money for, and in particular, to provide us with safe access to lectures and tests, please put your money where your mouth is, and sign the petition attached. 

This petition will be presented to the university as part of legal action compelling them to fulfill their legal duties ensuring that the students have safe access to the university, as well as to lectures and tests, and that these unlawful protests are no longer tolerated by the university. 

Have your say! Every signature matters!

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