The dress code is over sexualizing the every day human body to an extreme. They focus more on what you're wearing than your actual education. The biggest concern is the reason behind it, our bodies are a distraction to adult staff members and students. They pull students out of class to sit in Iss (in school suspension) which is not benefiting our education at all, it's a waste of taxpayers dollars to take away from students learning time because they claim were a distraction. If you're distracted by the way someone's dressed it is your own responsibility, you should face the consequences not the one who is "distracting". School is perpetuating rape culture by teaching female students to cover up because boys will be boys. How can we learn in a safe environment when we have teachers who are distracted by a young  teenagers body. We should be comfortable and love our bodies not feel ashamed and cover them up. why are we so offended by your own anatomy? Our education is not main priority.