1. Durban Gen shouldn’t be cancelled by etv.
  2. Durban Gen opened as many opportunities for people & still would. 
  3. Durban Gen taught us the importance of our dreams in the near future if we want to work in the medical industry - doctors, nurses. 
  4. Durban Gen engaged with true stories. 
  5. We laughed, enjoyed the story and we still expecting more. 
  6. Durban Gen we want to see the Nurses enrolling into Interns as Doctors & we want to see Interns enrolling to Doctors. 
  7. Durban Gen we want to learn more about different sicknesses which we therefore never learnt about. 
  8. Durban Gen we want to see importance of family & unity. 
  9. Durban Gen we want to learn more about the community issues. 
  10. We want to see young kids like, Lizwi Ndumo “Lwandle Zulu” growing & teaching other young girls the importance of being focused. We want to see her rise like her father. 
  11. We want to see the Nurses, Doctors lives outside medicine.
  12. Durban Gen cannot be cancelled. We still want more. Etv you just CAN'T. 

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