Cover up! Petition

In the 1960's and 1970's, boys with long hair were attacked by classmates, and so many schools implemented rules of keeping their hair cut short.

In the 1990's, the student dress code was pushed to not promote gang related violence (ie. bandana's).

More recently, girls have begun to protest school's seemingly unfair policies.

Girls are now often punished disproportionately for what they wear. The rationale behind the student dress code is problematic, prohibiting garments of clothing because they "distract" boys.

Schools across Durham have banned yoga pants and leggings. The three finger tank top rule is another rule that you may have heard of, or, the fingertip rule.

For students, it can be seen as hypocritical when school faculty members are seen not enforcing the dress code and are not punished for it.

I'm creating this petition because:


(1) The student dress code policies unfairly targets girls and transgender students


(2) It sends a message to girls that if they are harassed, it is their fault for what they wear


(3) The dress codes make girls feel judged/shamed


(4) Every body type is different as one girl may be more curvy than another or more developed


(5) I think there should be a new, less objectifying dress code.



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