Dutch Kennelclub, allow mobility devices on your events!

We: Breeders, handlers, competitors want the Dutch Kennel Club "Raad van Beheer" to reconsider their decision to forbid all mobility devices for people participating in their events.

It is pure discrimination that competitors who are relying on any kind of mobility device are no longer allowed to compete or participate in events organized by the Dutch Kennel Club. It is a total lack of respect towards people who have not chosen their disability and now get robbed of their passion. 


Update 24/9

The Dutch Kennel Club has decided that not motorized mobility devices are back allowed. Though this is a huge step forward this will still exclude the participants in motorized wheelchairs. Therefore after careful consideration we have decided to keep this petition online.  


We as members, participants have not been asked to share our  opinion.

We do not support this decision! 

Please sign this petition if you agree!