Ed "Tiger"Verdin Needs to Apologize to the People of Franklin!

On November 13, 2023, many citizens of Franklin, LA awoke without water service. While issues with the water lines are common in the city, many people who were affected took to social media to express their displeasure and concern at a situation that closed schools, government buildings and other places of employment as well as impeding needed care such as bathing and cooking. While it may for some people be a simple inconvenience, it presents serious health concerns for others. Therefore, seeing the following response from a city worker was both disheartening and offensive:


While the post was undoubtedly made in jest, and the post has since be removed, the citizens of Franklin are requesting that the City of Franklin both reprimand Mr. Verdin and demand either a public apology or resignation from his position. He claims that the statement was not racially motivated, but the term "roaches" has been used to describe African Americans, immigrants of color and other marginalized communities throughout history and is very racially charged. It was unprofessional and hurtful for him to refer to those in the community, to whom the city should be accountable, as "keyboard roaches" rather than making a real effort to empathize with and improve services for the people whose taxes pay the salaries of those in office and on the city's payroll.

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