Petition for saving Børselv school and Solbrått old people’s home

The local politicians in Porsanger, in Northern Norway have recently decided to close Børselv school this autumn. It has also been talk about closing Solbrått old people’s home later. This is decided even though kven language is among the most endangered Finno-Ugric languages in Europe according to researches done by the ELDIA-project (

Børselv (Pyssyjoki) is a small village where kven culture is still alive and where the children can learn kven language in the right language surroundings. There is also a kven speaking staff at the old people’s home in Børselv. If the school and old people’s home vanish it might mean the end for the village and its unique environment.

Our goal is to preserve a living kven language and culture in Børselv. Please join and sign the petition so that we together can preserve the kven language and culture.