Eliminate or replace AAA and AEE NOW!

Puerto Rico is suffering economic recession mostly due to these 2 Public Corporations (Acueduct and Water Authority and the Authority of Electric Energy).  Aproximately sixty percent (60%) of the Public debt is created between these 2 and the Puerto Rico Highway Authority. The problem with the first two consist in the  transferring  of their debts to the clients. This means we are not billed for water and energy cost only, but for the corporation debts too in the same bill. This is not fair. First because they will never end up paying the debt and second and most important , they are hurting the island business opportunities. One of the main concerns of business men in PR in the constant increment of these services. This in fact make the island one of the worst places to establish a new business. They are increasing the cost every 3 months in a systematic way. This goes on until you cannot pay them any more. Then they can go after you to suspend the precious and needed service. Some people call this leverage I call it abuse of Power. I always wonder how it is possible to have a monopoly and not being able to pay your debt especially when your rates ($/KW) are higher than 48 states?

   I also wonder if it it's only me who can see this abusive behavior. Where are the politicians, senators, governors and others in this country? Are they really shortsighted? Why noone is able to point a finger on these public corporation? Are they untouchable? What is going on? Do we really have to accept been abuse? Well NOT ME! I will fight this fight until WE got listened. Until  I see the release of these charges to the People of Puerto Rico. HONEST PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS TOO! WORKERS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! TO BE LISTENED AND TO STOP THE ABUSSE. 

Please sign the petition and let's stop this abuse. 

Let's fight for what is fair and right for our people. 

The worst thing to do is nothing! 

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