Ellieshade must pay and other malls should be brought down

Ellie Shade Must Pay Us Our Money.
This So Called Mall Known As Ellie Shade has been in Existence For Months Now .. In Recent times, they told Us We Would not be Able to withdraw until the 16th of November, 2020 ( that was on Monday) .. During the 16th we tried to withdraw but we haven’t been credited until now with the excuses that there are a lot of people placing Withdrawals on that day. So they asked Us to place the Withdrawals on the 19th of November which was Thursday. We still did.. But all to no avail.. So we the Stake Holders of Ellie Shade has come to an agreement to involve the manager of Paystack.. So we pleading with the manger of Paystack to look into this matter because, this is the same company that issued our previous payment.. Many people have invested huge sum of money into this so called Mall. My money is also on the line , my friends and Families are also included. It has really affected Most of the people out there..
In a Nut Shell, I urge the manager of Paystack to see to it that Justice is served .. The Ellie Shade Mall must pay is and their mall and other Malls Should be brought down!!!.
Thank You..

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