Equability? Increase DoDEA Soccer to 16 Matches!

As we all know, a new set of rules and guidelines have been published for all Pacific DoDEA Schools to start implementing immediately. Of the published standards, a season limit of games has been established. Sports such as Basketball, Softball, and Baseball have all been granted permission to play 16 matches in a season, but soccer has been left on the short end of the string with a maximum limit of just 12 games. The reasoning behind the cut is based on the fact that soccer matches require three referees. However, according to NFHS rulings, matches can most certainly be played with two match officials, leaving the ruling of having less soccer games than other sports a rash and ill-mannered decision. Since this is driven by budget cuts, one suggestion is to have all mathces go to a two-man officiating crew, saving 1/3 of the cost for officials and allowing 16 matches per season and actually SAVING MONEY. Help bring attention to this ruling by signing this petition and hopefully we can try to retain the same opportunities as DoDEA soccer players of the past!