equate catcalling with harassment at the state level

Catcalling is one of the forms of violation of personal space by men, which can be accompanied by various forms of harassment: attempts at inheritance, intrusive touching, shouting obscene sentences with obviously sexual overtones, etc.


Despite the fact that society treats this negatively (for the most part it's only girls), it still remains a very common form of harassment.


Girls who have faced similar situations may develop anxiety against the background of obsessive thoughts that if she goes outside, it will definitely happen to her again.


This is due to excessive stress in such uncomfortable situations. When strange men accost you, you can't soberly assess the situation and predict in advance the reaction to rejection — it can be aggressive, and it scares.


After such "compliments", girls may even start looking for a problem in themselves. This entails not only paranoia, but also changes in appearance / clothing style / make-up, so that next time you do not encounter this.

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