Ethical Paper Pledge; Deakin University


Deakin University currently uses Reflex paper, manufactured by Australian Paper, who is the largest domestic buyer of woodchips from Victoria's native forests. 80% of the wood that is removed from native forests is used to make paper.

Logging has lead to species decline (such as the Leadbeater's possum above), degraded water catchments and depleted carbon sinks contributing to climate change. Australian Paper has stated that plantation timber could easily satisfy domestic paper needs, deeming native forest deforestation unnecessary.

The Ethical Paper Pledge campaign aims to increase the pressure on government and industry to stop sourcing wood pulp from Victoria's native forests and transition towards using an ethical, sustainable and 100% post-consumer recycled paper source such as Evolve and J. Burrows. Only once Australian Paper stops logging native forests and adopts these practices will we once again support their paper products.

Deakin University uses approximately 36 million sheets of paper a year, if Deakin signs The Ethical Paper Pledge it will contribute immensely to the pressure on the government and industry. Show your support for a sustainable future and sign the petition to encourage Deakin University to sign the pledge!

Please fill in your student number or if applicable write, 'staff', to demonstrate to the Vice Chancellor, that this petition is driven by the students and staff of Deakin.

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