Eurovision Tv Channel

We want EBU to start a Eurovision Tv Channel on Satellite transmission.A contest with almost 60th years of history certainly has material to have its own channel. There are more than 1000 hours of shows, there are more than 1200 music videos, there are national finals (including quarter and semi finals, second chances and finals) all over Europe since 1956, there as news almost every day regarding the event, there are special reporting during the rehearsals weeks, and finally there are millions of people waiting to have all of this on a 24 hour a day TV channel!

This Channel can broadcast

-Eurovision Song Contest editions (live and on-demand)
-National Finals
-More than 1200 random music videos
-Periodic news
-Special reporting during ESC weeks
-Special events from Fanclubs
-Congratulations: 50th years of Eurovision Song Contest
-Documentaries and plenty other

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