Expel the Guptas

The Gupta family, recent immigrants from India, who own Sahara Computers and The New Age Newspaper have a corrupt and damaging relationship with high level SA government officials, which is damaging the security and the reputation of our country.

Guptas are connected to Iqbal Sharma - ex DG of the DTi TISA and his cronies - Salim Essa and Matthew Moodley. They are the BEE partners in  all the luxury good chains - LV, Gucci etc. Guptas are involved with the Min of Transport - the Transnet board and the DG of International  Relations - Jerry Matjila. Colin Matijal head of Kopano Ke Matla and are using the nephew Kagiso Matijila as a cover for their deals. They are behind the current deal using Kagiso Matilja as a cover that is currently trying to purchase Lanseria airport and Easy Jet.

The recent breach of security by using the Waterkloof Airforce Base as their personal private airport for bringing in 207 of their guests for their daughter's wedding has made SA look like a Banana republic. This has damaged the country's reputaion big time.

Subsequently at the height of the outcry against this abuse, the audacity of Atul Gupta's statement that SA should be thankful to them for this breach of security is a slap in the face of all South Africans.

We can well do without such arrogance and audacity and corrupt foreign businessman in our country.

We therefore call upon South Africans to please sign this petition to expel the Gupta family from SA and revoke their citizenship. We also call upon all South Africans to boycott Sahara computers, the New Age Newspaper and any other businesses in which the Guptas have any interests. You may explore further and list the names of companies that you know which are owned by the Guptas.

Please note the authors of this petition diffrentiate between South African Indians who are totaly committed and loyal citizens and have been part of the struggle and these immigrant Indians who are here only to pick off what we have struggled for.

The purpose of this petition is to collect a large number signature and then make the media and  the government and all opposition parties aware of it, so that they pay attention to the demands and respect the wishes of the people. Spread the word around.

Please also read this article from Business Day which reveals how they have a hold over the leadership of our country: