Assalamualaikum, Dear Dato'/Prof/Assoc Prof/Dr.
PPSP Respected Colleagues
Trust you are keeping well. We are writing to inform & invite you to join us as members of ONLINE PETITION team to show our solidarity to support one of promising young PPSP/HUSM talents, Dato' Dr.Azhar Amir Hamzah (Dept. of Surgery) for a fair and open hearing subsequent to USM response to an administrative tribunal held in Australia on misconduct of on-call claims.
Unfortunately, this issue had resurfaced in the social media in Malaysia recently, to the extend he had been requested to voluntarily resign from USM by this End of December 2017. No open and transparent internal hearing ever held to deliberate on his future, and all his notable efforts to champion Urology services and care for patients in HUSM/PPSP seemed to carry no weight to appraise the situation.
He was unfortunate to get into trouble during his fellowship in Australia in 2015 due to on call claims whereby he was not used to the system in Australia and that was his first experience doing attachment abroad. In fact all his claims were approved by the head of department over there and there were indeed miscommunication blunders. The case had settled amicably; he had repaid all the required amounts to the hospital concerned, and had also been expressed full remorse and banned for 2.5 years from practising medically in Australia (further details are accessible here: http://decisions.justice.wa.gov.au/SAT/SATdcsn.nsf/%24%24OpenDominoDocument.xsp?documentId=0E4ED9A7280FCF75482581A80024D123&action=openDocument&SessionID=EU4QY87UKK
Bridging on our PPSP comradeships and friendships, we call for an internal PPSP-owned open and fair hearing of Azhar's case so we can reach transparent and informed recommendations to USM. Join US to realise this, as 'forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future', potentially Azhar's future. THANK YOU.

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