Fair trial for Ethiopian copilot Hailemedhen Abera

Petition asking Switzerland to conduct fair trial for Ethiopian Copilot Hailemedhen Abera

Free Co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera Tegegne

To : Switss Court and Justice System

Fair trial for Ethiopian co pilot Hailemedhen Abera

A repressive state pollutes the spirit of its people; only few are brave enough to live out through the pages of history. Copilot Hailemedhen Abera chose to breathe a clean air of a prison cell rather than his high paying job in a land lead by anarchists.

Opposing dictatorship in Ethiopia is like knocking your self against speedy train. That is  what copilot Hailemedhen Abera chose to do. He chose to do what many are terrified but few dare to try in a totalitarian Chinese backed state Ethiopia. At the end the winner will be the people but Ethiopian dictators does not seem to think so. The sky would fall, the earth will shake, and no one will be able to stop the upcoming mass movement in Ethiopia. It is time for the world to make a choice, the choice is simple. It is a choice between right and wrong. The sick mental state of ethnic federalism by Ethiopian dictators and the dirty blood money they have accumulated have left its mark on their rationality. Ethiopians have continued forced migration as a result of endless repression. Many has told the west about the worst humanitarian condition in Ethiopia but the west is not interested to hear such a reality , rather continued supporting genocide , ethnic cleansing and land grabbing in Ethiopia. The Diaspora communities living in different part of the world have been shouting about the gross human right violation in the totalitarian state Ethiopia. Ethiopians are forced to flee their country; only this time the hero Copilot has hijacked a plane to show the world the agony of the people. The fully state owned Ethiopian airlines copilot Hailemedhen Abera has left an absolute necessary message to the world. Hailemedhen broke a huge fear factor in Ethiopian politics without hurting a single soul.

The action taken by the Copilot opposes all the falsehood in Ethiopia. The state owned Ethiopian airlines CEO mr Tewolde Gebremariam  who highly affiliated with the ruling minority ethnic political party TPLF ( Tigray people liberation Front )is known for staffing the airline by the ruling party supporters and Tigray Ethnic minorities . With the help of national intelligence and security service (NISS) ethnic and political related firing and imprisonment is common in the airline.The political firing of VP Marketing Yeneneh Tekleyes and more than 120 Amhara/Oromo ethnic employees of the airline with a travel ban restriction followed by imprisonment has been exposed to the world.

Through this petition, we would like to call on the Swiss authorities to lodge a fair trial for Ethiopian Copilot Hailemedhen Abera and in doing so allow the voice of Ethiopian people heard and focus on the essential values of democracy.

There for we the Ethiopian people request.

  • A fair trial for Copilot Hailemedhin Abera as his choice of Switzerland is for the extraordinary justice system. We pledge the justice department to give a huge weight for the cause of the action which is democracy valued highly   by the Swiss voters.
  • Take in to consideration the fact that Hailemedhen intention was never to harm the passengers onboard.
  • Reject Ethiopian government request of his immediate extraditions to Ethiopia .This is a direct threat of the justice system and democratic values of the world in general and that of Swiss voters in particular.


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