FAWA: Petition Merafong City Council to ban the use of fireworks

To Merafong City Coucil.

BAN ALL FIREWORKS IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS and restrict the sale of fire works in the Merafong City Municipal area.

This is requested to bring the Merafong Municipality bylaws inline with the THE EXPLOSIVES ACT No 26 OF 1956 (fireworks-explosives-act)  

We, request the Merafong City Local Municipality  to ban all fireworks in residential areas and the sale of fireworks by commercial concerns in residential areas.

We, the residents of Merafong City Local Municipality and other residents in our area add our voices to all other Residents Associations, Community Police Forums and other interested parties in the Merafong City Local Municipality, to jointly request the banning of fireworks in all residential areas.

We the residents of Johannesburg request that the Merafong City Local Municipality amend their laws regulating fireworks and to implement the following:

  1. No fireworks in residential areas for any reasons and on no days or times whatsoever other than the events approved by the City.
  2. To severely restrict the retail selling of fireworks to any individual by a commercial concern without an approved and valid permit. To supply fireworks only to business concerns for public events held in stipulated areas determined by the Merafong City Local Municipality.

The main reason for this proposal is to highlight the cruelty that people, pets, wild birds and other animals experience as a result of the sound of fireworks.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

We recognise the need of people to celebrate with fireworks but request that this is done away from residential areas and propose that these regulated and approved events be held in stadiums so as to minimise the trauma caused as a result of fireworks.

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