Fernie Parks should be Pesticide Free!

Keep Fernie Parks Pesticide Free!


Sign below if you oppose the application of pesticides to playgrounds and parks in Fernie. This is where our children play!

The herbicide Trillion-P (PCP#27972) will be applied throughout Fernie in an attempt to irradicate dandelion and clover from City facility grounds. One of the components of this herbicide id 2,4-D which has been shown to be an endocrine-disrupting chemical and is potentially carcinogenic. Check out this article for a bit more information about this pesticide: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/24-d-most-dangerous-pesticide-youve-never-heard.

This also seems to contradict Fernie's Invasive Plants Pest Management Program (https://fernie.civicweb.net/document/26055) which states that only invasive plants are considered pests. Dandelions, although disliked by many, are not invasive or noxious. They have many benefits, particularly providing early season nectar sources for bees. At a time when bee collapses are occuring at an alarming rate, why cause further detriment to this essential species?!

The City of Fernie has scheduled an application of pesticides "to protect the turf areas for future enjoyment". This is an exepmtion to the existing city bylaw #2093 ("Pesticide Use Control Bylaw"), which recognizes the environmental toxicity of pesticides and potential impacts to "non-target organisms and plants". Why not use the precautionary principle and not spray due to the potential of harm?

Is spraying for dandelions really worth potential health impacts to our children and the local environment? 

In addition to the afore-mentioned concerns, the City of Fernie hasn’t provided 48 hours notice, nor provided written notice to adjacent property owners as required in the bylaw.