Fire Frank Valentini and the writing team of General Hospital


As a long time viewer of GH, I am fed up and I want to call your attention to several issues with the show and those in charge. I have watched this show for over 35 years with other members of my family and I am saddened by absolute trash that has been airing in the last year. 

First let me begin with the writing and story lines. Stories are started, dropped and dragged so long folks just tune out. The entire show lacks creativity, consistency or flow. The continuous repeat dialogues, the rewrites, the propping one character while the entire cast suffers. They have basically re-written most of the show in the last year and none of the stories or what airs makes any damn sense at all. We the viewers know what airs and the history better than the writers or the EP. Why should we should ever in vest in a show that will just keep re-writing what we saw ??? It is one of the reasons they are continue to loose viewers. 

Another issue is the blatant favoritism that continues daily, certain cast members are not allowed share scenes with each other because others are jealous of their off the chart chemistry. This show is supposed to be an ensemble yet they continuously push the same 3 actors in every story. Other actors, should not be dictating that actors/actress cannot share scenes. Actors story lines are being back burned and cut due to jealousy because others want to be front and center so they continue to bully. This needs to be immediately addressed. Talk about a hostile work environment. 

Additionally, The EP has literally destroyed two soaps and has totally lost control of this show. He has no backbone and continues to allow 2 actors to call the shots behind the scenes. This all falls at his feet and he is not doing his job. 

Lastly, I would like point out the disgusting display of misogamy to the women characters on this show. They continue to show women as week and having to bow down to the male actors on this show. They made Anna Devane a rapist which is absolutely disgusting. They have Ava constantly bowing down to Sonny when he has done far worse stuff. She is not allowed to see her daughter or spend time with her and yet she lives with her mobster father Sonny. They have Sam as a mere shell of herself after the all the growth that she had in the last 5 years. They rewrote everything that happened to her in the last few years. Her character is unrecognizable. She is basically become a side appendage to a mob hit man with no regard for her children. Alexis had a knife held to her throat and they want to put her back with her abuser. This is all utterly disgusting in the era of the me too movement especially after GH did a small story on this. I could go on and on. Tip of the iceberg.

The ratings and demos are atrocious and will continue to fall unless changes are made to rectify these issue. Those in charge of this show all need to be fired. The Executive Producer has totally lost control of this show. The writers, anyone involved all need to go top to bottom and start fresh. 

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