Fisheries Agency Calls for significant reductions and strict regulation of small whale and dolphin catch quotas!

Fisheries Agency
We demand significant reductions and strict regulation of small whales and dolphin's quota!

Dolphins are not fish. They is also protected as a marine mammal in CITES (Washington Convention).

Every year, there is a current situation that the Quota increases in spite of the dolphin hunting which has decreased capture, and has expanded the besides catch species.
(Refer to other documents from Fisheries Agency website)
Every year, if you are grasping the catch statistics of small whales and dolphins, it seems reasonable to set catch quotas below the previous year.In addition, it seems that it is reasonable to immediately lose the quota for the fishery which does not perform the dolphin fishing now. Because there are cases where the quota is given to other fishery.
Acreage policy is taken against rice and subsidies are adapted. Why is it not adapted to the capture of dolphins.

You should also crack down on the number of bycatch.The bycatch statistics on the website of the fisheries Agency are not credible, and the fishery of each prefecture is suspected of Hiding.
February 28, 2018 The Fisheries Agency's response to the catching action of dolphins hanging on the stationary net in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture.....Even if the dolphins were sold, the act itself was not illegal, but said it would simply end with the guidance of the fishery cooperatives.
The matters described by the Fisheries Agency governing fisheries in the country must be close to the law for the people, and it is regrettable that each fishery should be subject with moderation.

The reason for claiming this petition is as follows.

⚫Demand is almost gone.

⚫It is a wildlife subject to global protection.

⚫Mercury, methyl mercury and meat with high PCB concentration which adversely affect the human body are being offered to the public on the grounds that there are no cases of onset.

⚫It is not necessary to capture a large number of dolphins for academic research purposes and to sell dolphins very expensive.

⚫Regarding current dolphin slaughter methods, this treatment involves inserting a metal rod into the vessels around the vertebrae and It damages the vascular network causing remarkable bleeding, but there is a view that it is impossible to quickly kill large mammals such as dolphins and small whale with this method alone.
This method causes the body to be paralyzed, and it is the death of a traumatic and sluggish loss. This harvests method is not called a "instant numb (instantly unconscious)" method that is officially accepted as a prerequisite. It is not to be accepted or permitted as a method of implementation in the shambles of any developed countries.

⚫Dolphin drive hunting is an act of driving dolphins to death in the most cruel way.(It kills the pregnant dolphin and the mother who just bore the child and releases the child to the sea.The child should not live without the mother.It should regulate this)

Since when did the Japanese become a merciless race.

Do you forget that animals understand pain, suffering and sadness as well?
I do not think I can not understand what the animal protection law exists for.

All the people involved in the fishing, including the fisheries Agency, are told that this is a traditional culture, but it is a splendid atrocity called traditional culture, and it is not called a culture because the dolphin drive hunting is about 50 years.Therefore, I want you not to Japan shameful to be criticized from all over the world in the name of the culture.

We are currently gathering signatures from around the world to bring small whales and dolphins under 4 meters into jurisdiction for IWC and 49 anti-whaling nations.

Japan has a lot of great culture. How long are you going to recommend this cruel act.
We would like to ask you to make an internationally worthwhile decision.

Thank you.

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