For a worldwide Orange bonus

Mr. Chairman,

The cancellation of the employee share distribution plan (133 free shares per person) due to the failure to achieve the cash flow objectives defined three years ago forces employees to pay the price for the drop in sales. And yet this drop is sales is due to ultra-liberal policies, not least the heightened competition between telecommunications companies.

The cancellation of the free share distribution programme and its replacement by a purchase offer reserved for staff will once again put low-wage employees at a disadvantage and de facto create injustice by excluding Orange employees from certain countries.

The employee representatives assembled at the Worldwide Works Council in Paris on 2 April 2014 demand a € 1000 bonus for all Orange group employees, worldwide. This bonus should be paid by the group and not drawn from the countries' budgets. It represents a total of 160 million and is more legitimate than the 10 billion in dividends paid out to shareholders over the three-year reference period.

As Orange Group employees, we ask you to take the necessary measures to allocate the € 1000 bonus demanded by the Worldwide Works Council to all Orange employees.