For the Identical Reconstruction of the Central Park at Câmpeni, Alba county, Romania

In the  central park of  Campeni, Alba county, Romania, there were 155 healthy, rare, superb trees , All cut down by the former Mayor of the town,  Andres Ioan Calin and his biological family, whom he employed as public servants at the Town Hall,  in 2019, on the grounds of "rehabilitating" the places. Common sense, though, and a glorious tradition  indicate a place being rehabilitated by building a park, and not by destroying it. In the circumstances, there being extremely serious that the Alba county Environment Protection Agency, without the approval of which such a barbarian gesture could not have taken place, approved to putting down 55 superb trees of a park constituting  the international pride of the locality.  It approved  a massacre of healthy, beautiful, trees, on completely non-existent grounds.  The Forest Guard in Cluj (engineer Stetzko, friend to Andres Ioan Calin and his family )  called, though,  to defending nature,   cut another 104 trees,on no legal all. Sign, please,  my  petition for the identical restoration of the central park at  Campeni, Alba county, in Romania, superb  natural heritage of the town, its lungs. Thank you.

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