We learned from the VTM news that the name 'Christmas Market'  will change to 'Winter Market' from now on. The organizers changed the name because they don’t want to offend people of another faith. The ruling coalition is silent in all languages.

  The reason for switching to the winter market is not very convincing. So their comment : "We also introduced the new name because there was always a comment that the Christmas market is already there before Saint Nicolas is there." We see that the government abuses the other believers to push Christianity into the corner. The so called aim is to keep the market neutral, so as not to offend anyone. But offending Christians doesn't seem to be a problem.  Besides that, neutrality doesn't exist !

  We want a diverse society. If you want to be "multicultural", you must not deny your own identity otherwise it will become a flat uniformity!

Religion should not be pushed into the private corner ! The crosses in public areas had already to disappear.  Confessional programs were banned from the TV net of your own VRT. The same concerning the catholic Mass on TV. Religious lessons in Education have also to be deleted & replaced by L.E.F. The Christian holidays have to be replaced by  non-religious holidays.  Briefly,  the Christian ethic has to be replaced by a liberal one. Christian organisations  are no longer subsidized, because they don't correspond to secular norms & values. What remains of faith is to be humanized.

You can ask yourself to what extent the Christmas market has something to do with Christmas. Well, a name is crucial and refers to its origin! This keeps Christmas engraved in the collective memory. No Christmas market without Christmas, no Christmas without Christ. So erasing the reference to Christmas is not a good thing.    

The large majority does not ask for a change of name, not even the other believers. It is the liberals, who defend so-called freedom, who most severely restrict religious freedom and establish a secular dictatorship. Christmas is to be turned into a winter festival, Easter into a spring festival, All Souls into Halloween ...

The entrepreneurs do not have the right to change the name on their own. We ask the city council to keep the 'Christmas market' and to take action in this respect. Otherwise what would be the next step? Abolishing all Christian holidays?  

In this Facebookgroup you can propose a new name, but we don't want this ! We only want the preservation of the present name. So please let us hear from you on this link :

When you think that the name Christmas Market has to be kept, please sign your petition  & forward it. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG !    Contact the author of the petition

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