Forensic Audit of the 2020 election with a focus on rank choice voting

Stolen identities which happened twice in Alaska in the last year through the division of elections and the division of health and human services will predictably result in stolen elections 

All across the country starting with Arizona forensic audits are resulting in reversing the initial results of elections 

Audits are not the same thing as forensic audits

The Lt Governor of Alaska was advised and warned to avoid purchasing Dominion machines by multiple informed Alaskans,  Kevin Myer ignored their advice

Today we are being forced to comply with rank choice voting which was forced upon us by a fraudulent 2020 election that the court system usurped the legislatures authority and declared no signature verification required for mail in ballots.

Sign the petition to remind your public servants that this is as of today still a representative government (IF WE CAN KEEP IT)

Governor Dunleavy is against this petition because he's hoping to take advantage of rank choice voting to get re elected

The recent election in Palmer and Wasilla only brought out 12% of the public. This is a clear and present danger of our distrust in our systems of government! We have this petition hopefully with over 25 thousand Alaskan signatures to present to our governor and lt governor to review and see if we can get their attention!! MAYGODHELPUS


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