Grade 5th IISJ student recently met a serious accident Jeddah KSA

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2014-07-04 13:16

Embassy of india must issue the instruction to IISJ and all schools under their patronage. All children to be dropped at their home door side not opposite lane If any bastard driver found violating the rule will be terminated. children safety and health with Code of conduct is the sole responsibility of Diplomatic missions worldwide

Nafis Tarin



2014-07-04 13:21

Good luck
Aamir Khan
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2014-07-04 13:55

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Hope Indian Mission will take serious action soon.



2014-07-04 14:34

I strongly suggest that action must be taken againts the responsibpe person.



2014-07-04 14:48

First of all I would like to express my full emotional and sympathy support to the brave and drastically affected student and his family. Then I would like pass my blame to the careless school management, and urge the government to intensify their checkup campaigns to words such significantly irresponsible people. Hence, our honest children are not cheap things.



2014-07-04 15:21

The driver should be punished and not let go easily.



2014-07-04 18:14

We are very happy that some one has taken initiative in this matter.School administration is in the hands of drivers.School drivers concern is very important to get bus facility and above that for the private hierd buses school authorities has no say in this matter.if anyone raises objection he is warned to cancell school bus facilities being such a big organisation,it is working on drivers decisions.Please do take strict actions against it so that it be a learning lesson to all drivers ,school transport.



2014-07-04 18:25

School authorities should take care about this issue and pledge that it will never happen to any other kids..May Allah swt helps the boy to recover soon and provide health



2014-07-04 21:28

I would like to ask our indian goverment to look in this matter seriously


2014-07-05 02:27




2014-07-05 10:23

This is the time when Honorable Prime Minister Sri.Narander Modi’s lead Govt. Come forward & issue strong safety guidelines for schools run by Indian overseas missions or CBSE board’s schools all over the world. I will request to Dr.Napel Singh (Lok Sabha M.P) of BJP from Rampur constituency to bring this issue in coming parliament session. Children & there safety is our National priority as children are our country’s future.



2014-07-05 13:50

It is repeatedly school administration's negligence and irresponsible attitude towards children.
It is serious matter and require sincere, immediate attention of authorities involved to prevent for future.



2014-07-05 14:20

Action should be taken against both driver and athority who have responsibility for students transportation.



2014-07-05 19:50

dear principal,
please don't make a money to hire these irresponsible drivers. but mow a days money matter is upper hand than humanity. please take care of your students.



2014-07-06 08:25

please help amir to be united so no more accident in future



2014-07-06 08:46

This is a very sad state of affairs. I do not think it actually needs Indian Ministry of Interior involvement, they are the same garbage, I am sorry to say, sole responsibility lies on school management. They should be blamed for hiring staff without approved criteria. It is the same carelessness lack of sincerity and respect human life that prevails through out the country. These people must be punished.


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2014-07-06 19:58

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thank u ur support...hope it few people understand whn some strong action is taken against them



2014-07-07 19:08

I really appreciate your support to alert the school authority to be more careful towards their ward .They should take strict action against any negligence.



2014-07-07 19:13

School should take the responsibility .school should be removed all divers who are careless.if drivers are not listening complain to the school Mgmt.



2014-07-07 19:56

School drivers should be authorised to the school admin plus there previous driving experiences must be checked thoroughly along with the licence.



2014-07-07 21:36

this is un accptable for a parents regardless of any nationality i hope the school will make action about this matter no parents could bear this pain....



2014-07-08 01:11

Serious matter needs attention.



2014-07-08 01:29

All birds find shelter during a rain . But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common ,but attitude make the difference.

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2014-07-08 01:30



2014-07-08 01:32

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