Grade 5th IISJ student recently met a serious accident Jeddah KSA

I am a father of a student of grade V Indian International School Jeddah (KSA) who has recently met a serious accident due to negligence of school bus driver.

On Thursday 19th June my son Ammar Raza Khan while he was on the way to his home by School bus No.136, the driver dropped him in front of building (opposite side of the road at triangle road joint). After being advised him so many times he continued dropping him opposite side of road, always being in a hurry to move. While my son came out from the bus gate he could move few steps suddenly a TOYOTA SEQUA jeep hit him on his face.

Fortunately he was taken to Hospital on time otherwise it could be fatal. He was 7 days in ICU & ward. He lost  his 3 upper permanent incisors in accident, 5 stitches on his gums ,5 stitches on  his tongue, he had nasal bone fracture, the Neurosurgeon  started   Epanutin -100mg Cap (Phenytoin Sodium an epileptic drug).

The concern point is that kids are too young (10 year old) to understand fast road traffic. The drivers are so careless they are least bothered about the safety of children, they drop kids always away from house or opposite side of road, most of them are not on  school sponsorship, they are locally hired some are heavy vehicle drivers or commercial drivers with suspicious accident backgrounds. Their attitude is very rude and careless. The casualties are very common in this current scenario of School transport.

My son already highlighted this issue on 8th May 2014 by writing a complaint letter to the school admin.

We are asking for your signature on this petition today to reach our voice to    Smt. Sushma Swaraj (External Affairs Minister) Ministry of external affairsGovt. of India to take a strong & responsible action against concern department.

To guide the Indian Embassy Schools Jeddah to arrange their own professionally qualified School drivers & good condition buses, so that these incidents should not occur in future & our students are safe.

(Buses are in poor condition, at current days mercury reaches 45°C to 50°C, buses Aircon in poor condition or sometimes don’t work).