Hold Solihull MBC Accountable For Abuse of Power & Corruption

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2014-07-07 16:51

In order for a society to thrive, we must be pro-active and diligent in maintaining the ethics of the society. Those elected are accountable to the ethics mandated by the people and for the people. Without empathy and compassion, we have no society.



2014-07-07 16:56

Solihull MBC must release all monies that it is unlawfully witholding from Mr. Parkes and the Parkes family forthwith; further, Solihull MBC must be held fully accountable for their dereliction of duty and egregious actions that have caused substantial pain and suffering to Mr. Parkes and the Parkes family. This harassment and abuse must stop!



2014-07-07 17:29

The Parkes family have been treated in the most despicable and disgraceful way, Solihull MBC must be held accountable for the stress that the Parkes family has endured at their hands. the way they have been treated is unacceptable, and those responsible should feel the full weight of the law and punished accordingly. they cannot be allowed to get away with what they have done to the Parkes family.

Ann Parkes
The author of this petition


2014-07-07 17:53

The ultimate responsibility lies with the Director of Adult Care, Ian James. Fiona McGill attempted to have me arrested, due to the number of complaints the council were receiving via email. She denied any knowledge of abuse at a particular care home to the police apparently. Therefore, lying by omission. Mike Strauss was the senior social worker who I understand requested that Mr. Parkes income be stopped at source. David de-Ville, Solihull MBC lawyer, refused to allow access to the paper trail in regard to Mr. Parkes care and finances - sneeringly informing us that we should "get a lawyer". We have now requested the assistance of John Hemming, MP and have contacted the Ombudsman and various people in the media. This is not going away. A total and utter abuse of power and lack of care for the vulnerable in society. Corruption at it's worst!
Ann Parkes
The author of this petition


2014-07-07 18:32

I would also emphasise that in no way can this be an isolated case of greedy, megalomaniacs causing such disruption to families in crisis. When one considers the number of people - adults and children - in residential care homes, whose self appointed 'appointees' have control over their money, this is FRAUD on an enormous scale and one which needs to be openly acknowledged, investigated and stopped! At source!!



2014-07-07 19:25

I am utterly appalled at the apathy displayed from Solihull Council. These unprofessional people should be sacked immediately. I applaud the Parkes family for bringing this corruption into the light.

#7 investigate solihull social services

2014-07-07 19:46

i am a also a victim of this corrupt authority, taking money from my disabled daughter with holding it and placing her in a care home at the age of 19 in a elderly care home. just because she has no voice to say she wants to be with her mother. the cover ups and lies are atrocious and these people in solihull council need to be held accountable. Ann Parkes has been a victim of there stealing and lies and we will no longer allow this to continue



2014-07-07 20:33

Justice for Ann Parkes and her husband! Solihull MBC stop harassing the Parkes family and pay for the care you owe them! Shame indeed!



2014-07-07 23:10

As if this poor lady hasn't got enough to content with, then the council do this, they should be ashamed of themselves and do the right thing



2014-07-08 06:47

So wrong the way the family have been treated.



2014-07-08 07:32

Absolutely disgraceful. Shame on you, lets clear the system!!!

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2014-07-08 07:55



2014-07-08 07:55

This video was posted on 30th July 2013. A further video, offering more comprehensive information, will be made shortly.




2014-07-08 11:47

please read and act



2014-07-08 15:35

Corrupt, incompetent and a disgrace to the people they are paid to represent. Sack the lot, with charges of criminal intent.



2014-07-08 17:27

Very disgusting display of power and corruption ruining lives with no accountability or compassion. I had previously thought your country aspired to be civilized, but have changed that opinion recently.

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2014-07-08 22:24

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Excellent video.. and I hope you shortly make another which gives us an update.  Your integrity, sincerity and passion is undeniable and you are to be applauded for the fearless stand you are taking.  Solihull MBC ought to be hanging their heads in absolute shame at their stupid and unethical way of treating, or rather attacking, those they are paid to represent.  None of those involved are worthy of their positions.



2014-07-09 04:36

Someone, mentioning no names needs to be brought to account for all of this that has caused so much stress and pain. Not just the 1 peraon but all who have dk e wrong need to be removed from post. They will not and should not be able to illegally withhold monies that are not theirs just so they can keep within budgets.



2014-07-09 15:42

Are those employed by Solihull mbc public servants, or terrorists.. In the light of what I have read the answer to that question is very apparent. To have a loved one needing to be placed in residential care, after being lovingly cared for at home until it no longer became possible, must be absolutely heart-rending. Everything possible should have been done to help not only Mr. Parkes but to support his wife and family. Quite the reverse has been result due to uncaring, inept, power hungry and greedy bureaucrats. Discipline all of them. Including the director of this shambles of a department. I'm so distressed for what this family is suffering.



2014-07-09 15:45




2014-07-09 16:02

Those in power need to stand up to the corrupt Solihull MBC. Help this family with there quest of bringing this appalling care system and it's so called social carers to justice



2014-07-09 18:05

Hoe can I commented on something so awful it is beyond my comprehension?



2014-07-09 22:46

I truly believe that the treatment inflicted on the Parkes family warrants a full investigation and all monies that have been taken have been done so illegally and should be restored Alf Parkes and his loved ones.



2014-07-10 12:52

Those government officers must not be seen to be above the law. That said, they are obviously unfit to be in any position where a duty of care to people is not only expected - but where they accept very handsome pay packets for undertaking this responsibility. This is the most awful situation for the Parkes family and I hope that it will be investigated and resolved to their satisfaction. I understand that Anne Parkes is intending to take this further and have issues addressed where other people's lives are being dissolved by the acid attacks of power crazy jobsworths. Ultimate respect and I hope everyone gets behind her.