Save the night train from Denmark to Europe

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2014-07-13 15:33

Travelling by night train is always an experience compared to a boring flight. Furthermore from Basel, Amsterdam and Praha this is the only through connection to Denmark without changing trains in Hamburg. Keep this train running!



2014-07-13 22:17

Ich wünsche mir, dass die Nachtzug Verbindung von Basel mach Kopenhagen bestehen bleibt, so kann man wenigstens noch entspannt Reisen und man kommt ausgeruht am Ziel an.


#3 Re: Save the night train

2014-07-14 08:47

#1: -

Thank you for your support!

Please spread the petition to anybody, you know, to increase the number of supporters.

After I started the petition, I have communicated with a member of the Danish Parliament. There have been raised questions, and some follow-up can be made in the parliament. But the popular support is so important!

Yours, Poul Kattler.



2014-07-14 16:41

Wiedereinmal etwas, das hinterrücks (hinter dem Rücken = am Arsch vorbei) gemacht wird.



2014-07-15 07:47

Newspaper article from Basel (Switzerland):



2014-07-17 12:15

Europe needs also the most classic travelling method - over night. Like it is practised in the most of the world. It is nice travelling culture, economically the best form (slow movement with no need of an extra accomodation) and also enviromentel friendly



2014-07-18 03:09

Night trains are a complementary service to day travel by train. Not everyone wants to fly and busses are no alternative. Stop the nonsense of DB!



2014-07-19 10:03

Cool someone create this petition. I like this nighttrain i use from Koln (after train Brussels-Koln) to get to Copenhagen and then to Sweden for holidays. I don't like to travel by plane. Train is night to see the landscape and nighttrain with restaurant car is part of the holidays. Save it!



2014-07-19 13:12

Yes -- and night trains in the US of A would be great, too! Expand Amtrak.



2014-07-19 18:16

This is my job. If the train die... I have to go to jobcenter.
Save the nighttrains! Our passengers will be happy!



2014-07-20 09:12

German railway DB is also cutting down night train services to France and the Netherlands! Protest against this anti-European measures! Tell the CEO, tell the media, tell your representative in Parliament, ...



2014-07-20 13:12

This sleeper train is a key link between the whole of mainland Europe & the whole of Scandinavia. Should passengers really have to stay overnight in Hamburg to reach Copenhagen or Stockholm now? Keep Europe properly connected! If you could manage that perfectly well in the 1980s why not in the 21st century?



2014-07-20 16:15

This is a major issue and also of great importance hear in the UK where people are campaigning for such Services through the Channel Tunnel. However, I wonder if the future lies more
at the cheaper end of the Market , with completely newly designed rolling-stock, mainly
based on 4-berth Couchette cars (with a second inner corridor, for extra privacy - after all the
traditional(current design dates back to the 19th century ! Is that good enough for the 21st century ? Could there be a Commercial case for this as a long-term objective ? Let me know if you want to hear more about these ideas.
From Simon Hope,34 Scott Road,Thorpe Park,
Norwich NR1 1YR



2014-07-21 12:40

I was planning to use the CNL for a Copenhagen visit next year; without it, the alternatives are so unattractive, we probably won't do the trip alas.



2014-07-21 13:21

Please, please reconsider this shortsighted decision. I have travelled across Europe by night trains and intend to travel to Scandinavia next summer. I am appalled that I may now not be able to do so.
Travelling by train is the travel of the future. Short haul flights are environmentally catastrophic. Please do not allow this essential service to disappear.



2014-07-21 13:45

Also save the night train Berlin - Paris:üdiger-grube-nein-zur-streichung-der-nachtzugverbindung-berlin-paris-und-anderer-wichtiger-internationaler-zugverbindungen



2014-07-21 14:33

Die Bahn sollte die Nachtzüge erhalten und dort auch normale Sitzwagen mitführen. Denn wieviele Autos sind nachts unterwegs? Da sollte auch die Bahn ein Angebot vorhalten. Ich nutze gerne Nachtzüge, wenn ich damit eine teure Übernachtung einspare.



2014-07-21 21:31

Copenhagen must remain well-connected to the rest of the European rail network.



2014-07-22 04:34

Nachtzüge sind die komfortabelste Möglichkeit für lange Bahnfahrten - und sie nehmen in der Regel Fahrräder mit, auch hier am komfortabelsten, weil mit nur wenigen Umstiegen. Es ist völlig unverständlich, warum das Nachtzug-Netz immer mehr ausgedünnt wird - oft bekommt man schon zwei Wochen vor der Fahrt keinen Liegeplatz mehr!



2014-07-22 06:03

Please also consider people with a fear of flying. They have no viable alternatives...



2014-07-25 06:10

Night-trains are important



2014-07-25 07:22

Internationale Nachtzüge müssen als Alternative zum Flugzeug erhalten bleiben!



2014-07-25 09:05

reise nur mit zug und oft nach dänemark



2014-07-25 10:28

that train is important !

#25 train to copenhagen

2014-07-25 10:29

trains in the night are better than highspeed !