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2014-11-13 20:34

Signed this :)



2015-01-16 00:59

I've started a petition myself about dog fighting, so I proudly sign this one because these dogs are forced to fight so they deserve we fight for them. These dogs are abused a way that no animal should be abused. They are treated like trash, like money machine and when they are not good enough, people get rid of them in the most horrible ways....In my researches about dog fighting, I've seen things and read things so horrible, it makes me hate humans... We are the worst animals on the planet and I'm not even sure we deserve to live...



2015-01-18 09:31


Treated like a friend to animals, from ourselves

alisa smith

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2015-01-20 04:54

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2015-05-08 03:03

I believe it is cruel to dogs. We as humans are dogs care takers. Dogs in general are accustom to trusting humans to love and protect them. For they do for us and thats why dogs are known as "mans best friend".



2016-01-06 23:25

Its wrong!



2016-01-19 03:18

Because I disagree with the values of dog fighting.



2016-02-05 22:21

put those people on electric chair
I am a dog lover

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