Refurbish Ringwoods Regal

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2014-10-01 15:24

Great idea Rick. Well done, far more sensible than building a huge new centre with no parking and difficult access!



2014-10-01 16:13

Well done Rick



2014-10-01 18:12

Great idea Rick it's about time someone started to act on our behalf



2014-10-01 19:57

It would be good for Ringwood. Bringing more people in.



2014-10-01 21:13

If we utilize all the expertise The Tivoli in Wimborne has gained over the past twenty odd years (utility, refurb, a/v, maintenance, catering, resourcing etc.) re-invigorating The Regal could be THE BEST thing that's happened in Ringwood for decades.


2014-10-01 23:32

Although we live in Wimborne, we often seek entertainment and dining facilities in Ringwood, and we are not alone in that trend. We also frequently visit and support The Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne, and have done ever since it was re-opened. It would be marvellous to have the option of another iconic rural entertainment centre just a short drive from us. It would certainly seem a great pity, and an opportunity missed, not to preserve this wonderful building, raising it to it's former glory, for the local community and the benefit of our future generations.



2014-10-02 00:21

Please give us back our history



2014-10-02 00:37

Would be great to see it used again



2014-10-02 07:40

It's a great idea, just what Ringwood needs. If it takes the best bits from the Tivoli & the Regent, it will enhance the community no end.



2014-10-02 17:19

A much needed centre in the middle of Ringwood would bring the heart back to the centre of town



2014-10-02 19:47

Every town needs a heart.The cinema was the heart of Ringwood and could be again if the developers/councils were not so short sighted and money orientated. The goodwill generated by bringing the cinema back into use would be huge.



2014-10-03 11:23

The old cinema is a central point for Ringwood Town it should never of been allowed to get to the point of being left empty and boarded up, it needs to stay as part of the Ringwood Town and used on a daily basis



2014-10-04 12:07

This is a great idea and will be commercially very good for the town.



2014-10-04 20:50

Great idea for many reasons. Hope it gets the go ahead.



2014-10-04 22:55

romsey has a functioning theater and winchester. this wou;d bring in revenue for the surrounding bissnesses.makes alot more sence than than the site at greyfriers. its an absolute disgrace to let a building degrade and fall into disrepair. do the developers wish it get so bad so they can demolish it to build yet more oap flats



2014-10-04 22:56

should not have closed in the first place. i grew up in ringwood and used to go there all the time i think its mad that a town the size of ringwood has no entertainment we havent even got a hall in the town the RMDS have to go to verwood or ringwood school to put on a show mike briggs



2014-10-04 23:57

Would be nice to visit a Cinema without having to take a bus!



2014-10-05 11:54

Bring back the lovely cinema we had . Many visitors to this town could have pleasure as well as the locals



2014-10-06 11:32

Many visitors to the town and the local people would use it, it could be a very good addition to this town which needs more entertainment and especially for the young to go and enjoy some pleasures together and keep them off the streets



2014-10-11 19:51

Comments overheard from visitors "Ringwood has nothing except Estate agents, Charity shops and Hairdressers".
A fare comment, at least a cinema would offer an attraction if used to its full potential. I often travel for a show, which always involves car parking fees and a meal out, business which could benefit Ringwood and save me fuel. In the sixties, you had films with weekend matinee, ametuer dramatics and in the late sixties music nights and dance nights. There may be support for a co-operative with the council and local business.



2014-10-11 20:33

ITS time this eyesore was renovated it is such à waste of space surely Someone could make it majestic again how Aboutaleb a cinema and All,weather activites but please. make sure it has something for THE young people , ie ice Cream bar cinema bowling etc . ITS time new forest district concilie,sorted it out



2014-10-11 21:31

Turn into a modern cinema



2014-10-11 22:47

Went to the Regal all the time grew up in Ringwood. Another sin to have let it get to this point.



2014-10-12 08:12

I grew up in ringwood and am saving to return with my kids. The shopping centre was a flop the night club was worse now its an empty building a theatre or cinema everyone could enjoy would make a lot of sense


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2014-10-12 10:53

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 My money gets spent at Tower Park, and at shows in Bournemouth and Ferndown.  Verwood has The Hub and and Wimborne the Tivoli - surely Ringwood is a large enough community to support this type of multi function venue, with the building already existing.  And all the summer visitors ...............