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Mark Nabess

#1 Water is a human right.

2010-11-22 19:35

I believe all politicians should at one time be forced to live in\with these conditions. Let's see how they fare!(?) It's an insult to EVERY
Canadian,EVERYWHERE. What a black eye for Canada. Now the whole world knows our filthy little secret. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Let's not make this about words, action!!!!! I am ashamed.


#2 You shouldn't help others if your not willing to help your own people

2010-11-22 23:58

Its ludacris to think that you can donate millions of dollars to people all across the world and not give your own people access to a resource that you could not live without.

Absolutely apalling.

Its completely preventable!
susanne romas


2010-11-25 00:52

water is a human right

#4 with a right comes a responsibility

2010-11-25 08:54

clean water, hmmm, who keeps it clean, who pollutes it?
it's all right to demand something, but that doesn't mean you will get it. for from whom do you demand the clean water? you can only demand that from yourself

there is to my knowledge no real scarcity of water in Canada. if it is no longer clean, then imho most probably you who demand it are at fault. Where does the pollution come from? Detergents for washing, medication we take and then flush out into the sewers, waste at workplaces that give us jobs, dirt from the cars we drive, chemicals from the garbage we create, ....

it's the responsibility of every single one of us tho keep our resource water clean

#5 Re: with a right comes a responsibility

2010-11-26 15:19

#4: U. - with a right comes a responsibility 

The people who live in the Island Lakes area and other remote communities had 'industrialization' imposed upon them.  Our lands are polluted and contaminated due to colonization and industrial activities that were never asked to be brought to Turtle Island.

R.G. 2010


2010-12-11 21:32

Canada beleives themselves to be on the fore front of human rights and believes they are a leader within the advancement of human rights. Try to be a leader in Advancement with human rights within your own country, because all First Nations Communities have a the right to water as Canadians. Maybe we as First Nations People need to start making those commercials as seen on T.V, advocating for clean water resources, maybe then we'll be recognized.
It is far too often First Nations People suffer due to the Provincial and National leaders not recognizing our Treaties within the Act, not to mention our rights as human beings. Yeah thats right we are people too CANADA! Yet as FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE and GRASS ROOTS PEOPLE they didn't hesitate to bring us colonialization, cultural genocide(through residential schools) and now they can't even be bothered to provide us with clean water within some of our Northern Communities. Yet when a natural disaster strikes Canada is usually the first to react trying to set a presedent, for our so called international face plate of being politicaly correct and being a global leader. So what does that say to First Nations people, it says to me we are and always will be a low prioirity on the list.
We were here long before they destroyed our land, poluted our water, killed our buffalo, and built hydro dams affecting our traditioal lands water supply. Look at the pollution and negativity they caused us. Look at our losses. It is their fault our water is like this, fix it CANADA fix it! Everyone sees where the accountability lies.
But it will probably come down to OUR Chiefs OUR Leaders to do justice for us.


Cecilia Dvorchak

#8 show them how

2010-12-13 20:48

Show them how to dig a hole, put a little
"outhouse" over the hole and live like
the old farmers did.

Show them how to dig a hole, give them
plastic to line it, put another plastic
on top. held in place with stones and an osmosis will occur and it
will be fresh water direct from the ground.
Until fresh water is given.
Elizabeth Henderson

#9 Water is not for sale

2010-12-15 15:29

Since when does the water falling from the sky have a price tag? Since money hungry no brainers came into power. Since when did the earth beneath our feet have a price tag? Since the phrase helping your neighbour was drowned out by the voices of power hungry politicians. Are they working for us or against us? Since when did they not be us? Aren't we all in the same boat?

#11 It Is Time

2011-01-07 02:41

It is Time
We all think
Of our Mother
Who gave us what we have
What we inherited.
It is time
We thought of things past
And of our future
Get together as one
People for Mother Earth
Of all colours
Of all races
She needs us as One.


2011-01-12 01:53


Hmmm... that's all well and good but how does it benefit you to complain about your problems on a scarcely visited website? What happened, happened. Its in the past and there is nothing you can do about it now, so instead of posting meaningless paragraphs of text go out and do something productive to solve the problem. In the time it took you to compose this message you probably could have planned a trip to visit a university where you could receive an education. Had you taken this trip and decided you liked the school, then you could have applied for entry and begun working towards a degree in engineering with a focus on freshwater resources, perhaps even achieved a master's or a doctorate. Once you received the degree, you could bring your knowledge and qualifications back to the community and use it to help improve the situation. Ah, but wait. Why am I speaking in past tense? This is still possible. So stop complaining about your situation and go out and do something about it yourself, because I hate to be the one to tell you this but the government is not going to solve your problems for you. They simply don't care.


#13 Re: show them how

2011-01-18 16:52

#8: Cecilia Dvorchak - show them how 

Well for your information most the terrain up there is rock so they can't "dig a hole" and most of the homes up there probably still have out houses, just a F.Y.I

Douglas Casimel

#14 Living Machines or Eco machines for Water Treatment

2011-02-22 10:02

Dr. John Todd of Ocean Arks has developed a process for cleaning sewage or drinking water water.



I am always always happy to help with information or other regarding sustainable options for challenges facing First Nation communities.

Douglas Casimel

#15 $ 737,000 per soldier per year in Afghanistan

2011-02-24 19:16

We can afford to pay $ 737,000 per soldier per year to help people in Afghanistan but we can't afford to provide clean drinking water and sewage services to our own people ?  This is one more  clear example of a national injustice.  Shame on us.



February 23, 2011

Canadian corporals eligible for Afghan training mission (– costs $ 737,000 per soldier per year)
By MERCEDES STEPHENSON, Parliamentary Bureau

Canada has based rotations of up to 3,000 soldiers at a time out of Kandahar in the Taliban-infested southern part of Afghanistan. From there, Canadians have been mounting combat operations for nearly a decade, suffering more than 150 killed and hundreds more wounded.
Now, Canada will move its main base to the country’s capital, Kabul – still a dangerous place, but less so than Kandahar.

There, about 950 military trainers and support personnel will be based until 2014 to help train the Afghan National Army. Officials have said the training mission is likely to cost $700 million a year.

Note : is the correct figure $700 million / 950 soldiers = $ 737,000 per soldier per year?

Douglas Casimel

#16 Re-envision "Waste": Electricity from Pee and Poop Powered Cars

2011-03-07 01:44



2011-03-29 22:44

What a shameful thing !

#18 Human Rights not Corporate greed

2011-03-30 20:37

Our country's foundation is that of equal rights.
Our government is there to represent our people, ALL people of Canada need to be treated with priority over corporations. Unless the governments policies change to elect it's citizens, the people of this country will stand against them en-mass. (Canadians are like that)
Peter File

#19 Re: Water is a human right.

2011-04-01 16:39

#1: Mark Nabess - Water is a human right.

I though Celine Dion's penis was Canada's filthy little secret!



2011-05-09 23:41

Cannot imagine an hour without access to a glass of water when I feel thirst.
Tom Zychowski

#21 Water is a comodity.

2011-10-13 08:13

We have it and it should be used to provided for those in our country Canada who lack it. Manitoba is not a third world country, this is Canada and it's embarrassing.
Lisa C

#22 How safe is this? *slides a glass of tap water from my First Nation to all those sceptics...

2011-11-06 17:56

I have no concern drinking tap water when I am in the city of Thompson but as soon as I cross that reservation line, drinking the water becomes a concern. How safe is this? *slides a glass of tap water from my First Nation to all those sceptics,indifferent people, and decision makers.
As it is right now - those who have the means and transportation can provide themselves drinking water from outside of the community. Why do people have to leave their First Nations community to access safe drinking water, or purchase bottled water?
How can we get some kind of filtering happening for the people living in third world conditions in a first world country? In the past, people have tried asking for those Life Straws for First nations communities - but their response was that they only provide these Life Straws to third world countries ... and Canada is a first world country. Catch 22.
Doing things like raising awareness (i.e this petition) can create social pressure and educate people on First Nations water issues. We should also be looking at solutions on how we can provide ourselves clean drinking water with the limited financial resources we have. (ironic how Manitoba Hydro and the Federal Government see our water as a precious resource but cannot in turn provide clean drinking water for the First Nations people whose resources they are consistently after for Canada's economic growth as a first world country).



2011-11-06 23:16

Water is Life!!! Value, Cherish, Protect



2011-11-08 02:28

In a country with so much wealth and so many resources, there is no excuse for such a basic inequality. Water is a human right.
M. Boss, Winnipeg


2011-11-09 04:57

This situation is unconscionable. I am disgusted by the lack of government will to resolve this in a timely manner.