Soldier of Fortune 2 must stay

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Scott Jeffrey

#1 Master Server List- SOF2

2011-01-09 10:57

I was very troubled to see that Ravensoft has decided, without any apparant notice, to discontinue its hosting of SOF2. The master server list is a key and very important means for people to connect to this all-time classic fps game. Our clan has been supporting SOF2 from almost the date of it's release. We have not only invested time, but also money throughout the years to support the game in order to bring a pleasant gaming experience to both our members and sof2 gamers alike. We strongly urge for the server list to continue, or at least to find an amicable solution to continue it. SOF2 remains a favorite for thousands of players.


Sabriests Code Clan- SOF2

( Old Boys ) Goofy

#2 GameTracker users wonder too !

2011-01-09 12:50

Yes now players starting asking "whats happend" on gametracker forum too.I posted a solution and tell those players there what to do:get servers ip,by Google it,save ip in Favorite in gamestart.But not all know to do that :-( so im afraid we gonna loose players on that old fashion good game world wide..One thing we can do in our server Youngandoldboys,is posting server ip,s so it pops up when u search sof2 on internet.Still players got to wrote ip down and insert it in game manually...So my opinion is:The Games "life" depends on, how good we are to "yell out" ip,s on Internet.

Greetz (Old Boys) Goofy.
Xaver van Hiele

#3 sof2

2011-01-09 12:57

sof is a very old game, but still very populair.

i play the game for 8 years now, and i still dont get bored :)

so plz bring servers back online!

Beau schram

#4 Unbelievable

2011-01-09 15:12

I cant imagine what will happen if the servers close..
I have played sof2 for for 2 and a half years, and as said before, it never bores you!
It is one of the most fun games i have ever played.
Thats probably caused because of the clan i am in.
Ive made friends in real life, and had such a load of fun over the internet with them.

I also cant believe that Ravensoft just decides to close the servers :S
Many people have been paying for a long long time to host servers, so they can play sof with everyone who loves sof.

I hope that Ravensoft changes their minds, because this is nonsence...



(Old Boys)and(Young Boys) Clan



2011-01-09 16:09 As you can see there, some ppl created a new master so it's not really going to die...

#6 SOF2 should not die!

2011-01-09 18:40

I love SOF2 and i have been playing it for Last 4 years. Really sad to hear this news. I shall also write to ravensoft. We all should!

If we all try togather we can also find a soultion to this.


(Old Boys)EtM!!
Wishal =)


2011-01-09 20:05

When this petition has alot of signatures maybe 100+ plus or something I will email Raven with this petition.

Spread the word!



2011-01-09 21:18


BiG NooB

#9 _________!!!!!___________

2011-01-09 21:44

i hope it will come back again !!!!!
rod neel


2011-01-10 01:35

Keep this game alive... what is the cost for us to do this....???

#11 After years of modwork...

2011-01-10 04:41

Omg Activision are fucking us again!

#12 Blame Activision

2011-01-10 05:00

#1: Scott Jeffrey - Master Server List- SOF2 

There's no need to blame Ravensoft. They are still redirecting to like always. The IP however is owned by Activision, is no longer responding.

If we can persuade Raven to redirect the requests to the new masterserver at then all will be well.

#13 sof2

2011-01-10 10:31

happens every year, it will come back :d

#14 sof doesn't die.

2011-01-10 17:16

Nice one for starting the petition Wishal, We need more names to sign though.I'll post the addy on sofplayers, even though it happens every year it wouldn't hurt for activision to know that people still stay loyal to sof2 and always will.
-=Garbage DinGo=- DooGie

#15 SOF2 Live On

2011-01-10 19:12

After playing this great game since its release it would be a great shame for it to die.

Having said that the Master servers weren't down for long and for me at least seem to be ok now :)

Ron Neeley

#16 Please maintain an SOF2 server....

2011-01-10 20:39

Let me know what I can reasonably contribute....

David de Bruijn

#17 SOF2 ftw

2011-01-10 23:49

SOF2 is still alive, and we have to put thanks out for the GREAT community SOF2 still has these days...

Thumbs up for the great mod makers (Ryan, RPMProMod and GODh (Goldrush mod).

And for all the great clans out there (Purplehaze!).

And dont forget Raven and Activision, we care about this game. Let it stay!



- Rammelslakje

patrizio aresu

#18 SOF2 must stay

2011-01-11 01:15

don stop a good game



2011-01-11 05:40

SOF II is still alive but i hope the thirdperson players will die quickly.


2011-01-11 12:13

LoL I envy that
SKLD Killerplautze


2011-01-11 16:04

keep it going
and share this site
Wishal =)

#22 Re: sof doesn't die.

2011-01-11 17:07

#14: *Burle*{ph} - sof doesn't die. 

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!



2011-01-11 17:11

SOS : Save Our Sof



2011-01-11 17:45

I simply love this game....plz bring masterserver list back


2011-01-11 18:10

Yeah bring back the masterserver list ive been playing for 9 years now theres no other game as sof =( bringgg itt baaack plsss =)