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2015-02-23 22:13

Thoughtful and succinct petition! Proud to be a signer.



2015-03-03 07:13

This carbon tax has been fraudulently orchestrated to break the financial backs of Citizens.



2015-03-04 17:25

Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming



2015-03-05 16:58

This tax grab is a scandal beyond any reason .Al Gore tried this .Money would end up in power group , we can manage better what we have , change proprieties.There is a better solution ,always



2015-03-06 20:13

A must to eliminate our planet is slowly being destroyed and it must stop.



2015-03-11 23:03

It matters not where this carbon tax is proposed, anyone and everyone should oppose it since it is being proposed based on untrue and falsified data! Propaganda created by design just to manipulate the people into believing that this tax is for the good of the environment, when it's really just about political greed!
After all, how is taxing the public for living as we have been taught to live, going to help anything? Should it not start at the top of the chain and basically go no further? At the top is where the changes must occur! The top being the oil companies that control our society. Plus, even if the tax is paid, will this change the amount of Co2 in the air that they claim is causing warming? No it will not! They will just make more money!
Why not implement a solution that might really begin to discontinue the polluting of the environment? Use some of that "black budget, Tesla technology" in the way it was meant to be used by Tesla himself? For the good of mankind! Not to be used against mankind, secretly, while literally making them pay for their own, slow demise!
We must all rise up against nonsensical ideas like this carbon tax and any other tax where it is suggested that the people are the cause, hence, we must pay!
To be uninformed, is to have your head in the sand, and in their minds, it is to agree with their proposal.
Sign the petition no matter where you live!



2015-04-12 00:13

Carbon Tax is bullshit!


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2015-04-12 00:14

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 There is no such thing as climate change.  It's all a big scam!



2015-05-01 04:17

Chemtrails in our skies is the problem affecting the climate.
Louis Nani

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2018-10-04 10:16

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