No Kitesurfing in more than 6-7bft is BULLSHIT

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Toby Braeuer (

#1 Then you need to regulate a lot more!

2011-02-02 23:28

This regulation has no value. Will you stop driving cars during rain? It is dangerous!
Will you stop horse back riding? It is the most dangerous sport in the world!

Stop this law and let the people freely decide to risk their health or not!

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2011-02-02 23:31

niels pierlet


2011-02-02 23:35

fuck the goverment
A. S.

#4 No kiting in more than 6 bft is mega Bullshit!!

2011-02-02 23:46

Stupid poltitc ashols has you nothing better to to as sportive people forbid his sport.
our Sport ist a part or freedom. We do not make noise or put any toxic gas in the Atmoaphere. We just make sport at our own risk.
Better the asholes who invited so bulshit law should learn making sport in the fresh air to activate the little Brain. This sport is better as doing drinking or take drugs.

Asholes think about or activate your little Brain in this empty Ball what is on the top of your Body.

Jordy Neef

#5 kitesurfen aan de belgische kust

2011-02-02 23:52

die regel trekt up niets!
Rainer Wollesen


2011-02-02 23:56

Kitesurfing is a sport which is in absolutely balance with nature, you are not allowed to put restrictions on it.
Axel Tack


2011-02-03 00:07

experianced racers on tracks don't have speedlimits either,they know how fast they can go and control it on their own (although it might be even more dangerous then kiting in high winds!), so why would experienced kiters then have limits on the wind??? we know what we can handle and what not. It's not becaus some cooks who didn't have experiance fucked it up that everybody should be punished!


2011-02-03 00:09

misschien is het verstandiger om hier niet teveel tamtam rond te maken , zodat men er ook niet teveel over zal nadenken en bijgevold regels laat uitvaardigen doot niet-kiters op hun bureau in brussel.

Doe gewoon waar je goesting in hebt , en als iedereen kite met meer dan 6 bft en dat op een verstandige manier doet , kunnen ze ons niks maken ! ( but .... keep it quiet ! )

david tonge

#9 kitesurfing ban in Belgium over 6bft

2011-02-03 00:12

Freedom of choice is being restricted here . Maybe there should be a ban on driving at speeds over 30mph to .
C Jordan


2011-02-03 00:27

Hugh over reaction by the government, by people who know nothing about the sport. Why go after our sport, a sport which is growing and dose this mean they'll then go after sailing & windsurfing next. This will only invite confrontation between kiters and the authorities by restricting them from the perfect conditions
Gunnar Balthasar

#11 Why

2011-02-03 01:14

The 6-7 BFT+ is natural selected.
Only advanced go surfing. They dont make mistakes. Its only those noobs in 5 BFT!!!
anne bertrand

#12 Kitesurfing in Belgium

2011-02-03 01:17

No limitations on this issue!!!!
Jerrie van de Kop


2011-02-03 01:19

gaat weer nergens over deze regel!!
echt belachelijk
patrick van derhegghen

#14 kitesurfen

2011-02-03 01:58

we had one bad accident in Belgium in 2010 with a woman beginner who died and a few days later a swimmer dien, so no more swimming whem the sea is dangerous, then a beachwalker got a heart attack, and then two ultra light motor vehicles crashed, but all these can still go one. Let us leave our sport free
Francis Stevens


2011-02-03 02:02

Stupid rule, now we can sell al kites smaller than 10 m²!!!
Yann LeMoel

#16 Bullshit

2011-02-03 03:08

Nothing more to say. Keep on killing dreams and dreamers
David Wells

#17 This is a riduculous rule.

2011-02-03 03:15

This rule makes no sense please do not implement it.
marc de decker

#18 6-7bft is bullshit

2011-02-03 03:54

a lot of people think it's a dangerous sport but once you understand the wind, the sea and your kite and you know what ur realy doing just go for it!
i'm kiting a bout 7years now and it's once i see that the wind is going to hit 6-7bft or more that i'm going to have a good kite session!! i've also have to tell i mouve'd to leucate (south france) for living "for kitesurfing" and here 6-7bft is a DAILY WIND!!!

Nico kux

#19 No Belgium champions

2011-02-03 08:23

One definite result of this ban if it goes through, is that it will be near impossible to have a belge as speed record holder as he will never be pemited to train, unless he emigrates to another country without such narowminded decision makers.
Dirk Vandevyver

#20 the media

2011-02-03 11:39

i have to regret to say but a bit late now to sign a petition,i ask the belguim kite'rs to make some kind off petition last years on faceb ,regards tose new rules but no one reacte to them. Now its to late de rules r made, now the wake up and say bulshitt,dont bank on the media its the media up here in belguim that put kites surfing in a bad daylicht,the only ask one time the kiters wath we think of the sports and that is it.but day's on day's the put some bath thing's about kitesurfing in the papers.With the new rules then we gone have acc,before you had a bit off control but now the gone start kiting where no one control the beach.i love to see who gone police tose new rules.But saying that, its a money making scheme for the goverment like al other fines the got .whe r in a nany staat whery whe dont have a say,so i say up to the nederlands where tose rules do not apply for the moment.

regard, Vandevyver Dirk

Lewis Crathern

#21 Kitesurfing

2011-02-03 11:50

people are going to just do it anyway so don't worry about it. It will be ok.

olivier bastijns


2011-02-03 12:21

vanaf 6 beaufort begint juist geestig te worden.
Leon Van Tonder


2011-02-03 12:47

another law made by people who do not understand or have any knowledge of the sport.
amoury neels

#24 no kite surfing above 6bft

2011-02-03 13:08

make, no kite surfing above 7bft is already better and also more challenging for lifesavers
Iris Tonak

#25 learn by doing a course

2011-02-03 13:19

I'm 164 cm and my weight is 60 kilos, and I could perfectly have fun in strong winds.
You just need to be prepared by learning in a course, be careful by the choice of your spot, material and have someone watch you!