Stop the killing of straycats in the city of Bruges, Belgium!

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2015-04-10 06:16

Stray cats shouldn't be killed . Spay and neuter them and release where they were found .



2015-04-10 20:51

For my love of all animals

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2015-04-27 05:37



2015-05-18 19:26

no one should be the right of killing animals because there are too much??? no!!!! animals can't come up for thereselves...then we must do it!!



2015-05-18 19:38

There are better ways to stop cats having kittens!



2015-05-18 19:45

ik hou van dieren maar katten zijn me het liefst heb er zelf drie maar alle anderen katten moeten in leven blijven ze hebben er zelf niet om gevraagd een zwervertje te zijn



2015-05-19 12:52

Stop killing and start castration



2015-05-19 16:01

I care about animals



2015-05-19 16:24

To kill stray cats is dreadful,when there are other solutions,such as neutering.



2015-05-19 18:29

Stop er mee!! Er zijn andere oplossingen! Als U niet weet wat te doen vraag gewone mensen om raad. Der zijn genoeg die wel een oplossing kunnen vinden ZONDER dat er een leven afgepakt wordt.



2015-05-19 18:41

Killing feral cats is immoral n it doesn't help, only human beings are not the sole owner on Earth, every animal who's born, feral or not, have equal rights! Neuter them so that their no's can be controlled Dont kill them!



2015-05-19 19:13

put the 'e' back in human!!!!!!



2015-05-19 19:30

I am a cat lover, all love all animales



2015-05-19 20:25

Its abuse to kill animals



2015-05-19 20:30

God's children come in all sizes and shapes. ALL life is precious and to be protected and respected!!!



2015-05-19 20:40

Because its barbaric



2015-05-19 21:17

Please stop the killing of stray abd feral cats..



2015-05-19 21:26

Because they are so many more humane and decent ways to control the feline population. Wouldn't it be better to show the world how advanced your country is by having s spay/neuter release program, instead of how barbaric?



2015-05-19 21:31

It is just not the right thing to do.



2015-05-19 21:34

For the love of animals



2015-05-19 23:00

Stop the killing and do TRAP< NEUTER AND RELEASE { TNR] and feed them too. Stupid to kill the cats. Sick and disgusting too. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2015-05-19 23:38

because it's cruel and inhumane and it's just plain stupid instead of spraying and neutering animals the way they should be



2015-05-20 00:38

Killing stray cats is barbaric and wrong. They should be neutered and allowed to live. They controls rats and other rodents and so also serve a good purpose besides just being very beautiful animals.



2015-05-20 05:47

Because its wrong to kill stray cats.. there are other means besides Killing.. TNR..they do alot of even if you kill there are others to take TNR you have cats that help ..Please don't kill...try other means ...its not there fault they are strays..humans made them this way....



2015-05-20 08:23

It is so barbaric and draconian to kill stray cats, humans are a disgrace