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2015-04-01 20:14

The number 44 is legendary in Syracuse and why shouldn't future players be able to strive to attain a goal of wearing 44. Many players can't handle wearing the number 44 but many can and will do so successfully if given the chance but we have to give them that chance.



2015-04-01 20:14

#44 doesn't belong in the rafters it belongs on the back of a deserving freshman.



2015-04-01 21:14

I signed the petition because this is what should be done.



2015-04-01 22:00

a high school kid from North Carolinas gets it, but the school that can offer the #44 jersey doesn't?



2015-04-01 22:09




2015-04-01 22:37

Let's get it done!!!,The clock is ticking!!!!!

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2015-04-01 23:28



2015-04-03 01:56

To continue legacy



2015-04-04 15:49

I signed this petition because this will help with bringing in better recruits. It seemed that when #44 was no longer an option at Syracuse that recruiting took a nose dive. I desperately would like to see Syracuse football turn the corner and be what they used to be when I was a kid.



2015-04-05 22:08

We need to bring back our biggest and best tradition!



2015-04-08 10:22

#44 should never have been retired in the first place. Returning it to active status is simply correcting a mistake.



2015-04-09 01:36

Ive stuck with this football team for my whole life, even when my friends have chosen to only watch basketball. It's time to make this a football city, especially when it looks like basketball is heading downhill. Washington will come if we give him this number,  and Washington can create a new legacy 



2015-04-17 19:55

As an Alumnus of the University when the tradition and history of this number was worn by these great athletes, I believe that the tradition should be restored.



2015-04-17 21:30

The number "44" should be on the back of an exceptional running back and not in the rafters of the Carrier Dome. With so much publicity given that number by the movie "Express" it would be a favorite talking point of the announcers when the SU football team is being televised. That type of fanfare can only happen if "44" is on the field playing.



2015-04-18 00:10

The 44 is one recruiting tool that Syracuse has over all other schools. It is from Syracuse's heyday as Running Back U. Educate today's superstar high school running backs about its legacy, tradition and honor. These kids may be young but there is bound to be people in the circle familiar with the names Brown, Davis and Little.



2015-04-18 05:50

#44 being brought back should help in recruiting.



2015-04-18 10:27

Number 44 was symbolic of the strength and power of SU football when it was in its prime! It represented the best and was a great source of pride for fans and the university itself. It had been a great recruiting tool and has the potential to be that again!



2015-04-18 18:42

I saw Ernie play when I was a grad student at Cornell - Wow!! What an inspiration for the Fans, players and the chosen player to wear that number!! Go Orange!! John V - Former Syracuse Professor of Biology



2015-04-19 18:28

44 is a Syracuse Tradition. We must use it and keep it alive rather than letting it hang in the dust at the top of the Carrier
Dome. I saw Ernie Davis in 44 in my freshman year at Syracuse.
( The National Championship) I would be awesome to have the
opportunity to see someone play like that again.

#20 44

2015-04-23 11:32

The legend of 44 has been lost. It is the single worst decision made by the Program in recent memory. It is not just a recruiting tool, but a reason to generate excitement. Boy can we use that.



2015-04-25 16:44

The number 44 is an important tradition in Syracuse University football and needs to be on the field again.



2015-04-25 16:54

44 never should have been retired in the first place. AD Daryl Gross did some very positive things at SU--this ins't one of them. Time to correct that mistake and let the legend of 44 continue for a new generation



2015-04-25 17:06

Retiring 44 was a mistake. If you stop a tradition, it never was a tradition by definition. Undo this mistake.



2015-04-25 17:26

SU class of 62! Same class as Ernie Davis. Practically from the time we arrived on campus as freshmen, there was an excitement about Ernie and the number 44 (even though he couldn't play Varsity ball until our sophomore year.) And then an undefeated season, a National Championship and the Heisman Trophy! Football times were good! (Basketball not so much..... Yea Boeheim!) After that, I always felt it was special and took pride in the idea that we used the number to not only honor, but inspire, greatness. Let's do it all again! Beginning with Restore 44!!!!



2015-04-28 14:15

Because the number should never have been retired. It is a great recruiting tool for the best running backs in the country who we are in need of badly. When the best come to SU the best recruit more of their caliber to come to SU with them.