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2015-07-02 12:13

This must be stopped/relocated and the cultural heritage must come first !

Why not place the centre at Vinterviken, Stockholm where weapons-, dynamite- and gun powder manufacturer Alfred Nobel had one of his factories.  Vinteviken is since Nobels activities there one of the most polluted areas in Stockholm.



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2015-10-23 14:58

#1: Stockholmer -  

 Mr Heikensten has said that if the Center can´t be built on Blasieholmen (mening demolition of the cultural heritage) there will be no Nobel Center. Sounds like it isn´t that important after all.



2015-10-23 23:30

The planned Nobel Centre will ruin one of Stockholm's most beautiful and well-known areas. The building is far too large, it will block the view of the newly renovated National Museum and it will dominate the area. The architecture doesn't blend in with the older buildings surrounding it. Stockholm doesn't need any more box-like buildings! Furthermore, to demolish the beautiful Customs House is a sacrilege that shouldn't be allowed. Does the Nobel Foundation really want to be seen as following in the footsteps of Hjalmar Mehr et al. who ruined central Stockholm in the 1950s and 60s? If a Nobel Centre is needed, build it somewhere else!



2015-11-18 11:03

See the video showing the planned Nobel Center and the threatened Royal Customs House:



2015-12-09 11:00

It is awful to even imagine that a huge modern building should be allowed to be erected in the middle of sensitive beautiful Stockholm downtown. A Nobel center should better be situated near research institutions such as in the new Hagastaden.



2015-12-10 07:45

Huset passar inte på platsen. Vi behöver spara lite av de gamla miljöerna i Stockholm, det är en bra plats för Sthlms och skärgårdens sjötrafik. Området kanske kan fräschas upp och kompletteras med lite småskalig turistvänlig verksamhet, t.ex kafeer m.m. Det är ju en av Sthlms bästa lägen och närheten till vattnet och Skeppsholmen, som redan idag är ett omtyckt utflykts/promenadmål. Dessutom bra allmänna kommunikationer, T-bana, spårväg och bussar.
Förstår inte att man rabiat driver projekt av detta slag med tanke på t.e.x den massiva kritiken
efter rivningarna av Klara. Inser de inte att de riskerar samma eftermäle som Hjalmar Mehr.



2015-12-10 16:30

Because I think that Stockholm has already a beautiful historical building in the site and I don´t see why the new Nobel building can't be constructed in another (empty) place a little further away from downtown like "Artipelag".



2016-01-20 22:45

Because I hate beautiful old buildings that are part of the history of cities being vandalised by modern monstrosities out of keeping with the area. Keep modern buildings to new sites where they can be seen for their own beauty!


2016-03-09 10:59

The proposed building is just too dominant. Why not build it near Vetenskapsakademien?



2016-04-05 14:35

Because that suggested building is horrible and doesn't belong there. It would fit better in hagastaden.

Restore tullhuset instead.



2016-04-08 13:37

Stockholm needs its beautiful old buildings to keep its soul. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its old architecture. Please do not destroy that.


2016-06-07 20:57

Even the King of Sweden critisizes the Nobel Center plan:

And the National Property Board of Sweden has appealed the decision by the city to build the centre which would darken the National Museum of Fine Arts !


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2016-10-05 16:49

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