For a Super Junior KRY concert in Europe

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2015-05-09 16:21

I signed bc I'm a big fan of KRY and bc I think they're really talented. Also bc I wanna hear yesung ' s voice irl in my life



2015-05-09 18:14

As an European E.L.F I also want to have the opportunity to see my favorite singers live in a concert.



2015-05-09 20:29

Super Junior KRY forever!!! Fighting for concert!!!



2015-05-09 20:32

It would be a dream come true to see a live concert of KRY. I hope to be realized



2015-05-10 20:23

To support elf and super junior kry!



2015-05-10 21:21

KRY are one of my favourite subgroups and it would be fantastic if I could hear them sign life at least once.



2015-05-11 18:26

Please help Mr Simple reach 100M views. Let's do it together, ELF!



2015-05-15 14:20

Fighting for Europe ELF!!! ~



2015-05-15 15:56

I hope we can get KRY to Europe! I want to see them so much!! <3



2015-05-16 05:52

I hope Super junior KRY can make a concert at paris,



2015-05-16 06:14

because I wish all super junior fans ( elf ) that exist in the world can see super junior appeared before them as our family ( super junior & elf ) .. I support this petition .. I AM ELF



2015-05-16 07:20

Why did you sign this petition?
Cause I'm want support super junior KRY for their comeback, hopefully, they are succsess for the comeback and always healthy :) we always love them :) by: Desi damai from:Indonesia



2015-05-16 14:10

Because KRY is the best



2015-05-16 14:44

Fighting!!! ELF Europe!! :D Hi!! I`am ELF Indonesian :)



2015-05-17 18:00

We want KRY



2015-05-17 22:43

I really want to see them~ It would be a great surprise if they come in Paris!♥ I MISS SUJU SO MUCH!!!!(╯︵╰,)



2015-05-30 12:53

I hope it'll work out ^^



2015-06-04 14:34

I'm a fan of Super Junior for years now, and my dream is to see them perform again in Paris ! Even if it's only 3 members it would make me so happy.

Please come to France !!



2015-06-04 15:16

Hoping European elf can experience the vocal slayage and be in a sapphire world ocean! All the best :)


2015-06-20 12:26

Because I want SJKRY to have a concert here in Europe. I live in Sweden and I'm still young but I want the others ELF to have the chance to see the ones they adore and love. So I really really want them to have a concert here to meet their fans and vise versa. Love from a young ELF



2015-07-08 13:28

I think Europe ELF deserve to have Super Junior and their sub units' concert. They are "Hallyu Star" anyway. That's mean they are internationally recognized and deserve to hold a concert in Europe.



2015-07-22 23:32

To see Kry in my country