For a Super Junior KRY concert in Europe

Hello everyone,

We are a community of fans who would like to bring Super Junior KRY in Europe (actually in France, Paris) for a concert. We decided to make a petition with the purpose of making our voices heard by SM Entertainement and make possible to have a concert in our country.

The petition and message we want to give to SMent will be translated in korean and given directly to the company.

This petition is open to French fans but also to Europeans fans and everyone who would like to come to the concert.

We would like to collect a minimum of 1500 signatures (with this number, they could easily perform at the Olympia in Paris)

KRY will begin a tour in Japan this June, we hope they will continue this tour and go in several countries. If we decide to ask for a KRY concert, it’s also because we think it will be easier to bring them in Europe compared to other sub-group. Since they mostly do ballad songs, their coming in Paris will probably generate less expense to the company (we suppose no dancers, no expensive specials effects and so on), this mean bigger chance for us to obtain a concert. Moreover, some years ago, Koreans fans managed to get a KRY concert by doing a petition so why shouldn't it work for us too?

Let’s sign! We hope many of you will sign and share it as much as you can. Sign will not take longer than 2 minutes… As the saying goes "By doing nothing, we learn to be ill"!

On the other hand, to make our petition the most credible possible, thanks to sign only if you plan to come to the concert (and plan a trip if you aren’t from Paris).

Succeed in bringing KRY in our country will prove for sure to SMent there are still many ELF, and it will perhaps bring other concerts in the future.

Thank you for your attention~


Note: You can also leave comments while signing the petition. You can leave a support message to Super Junior KRY if you want (only in english or korean). We'll translate the main ideas and give it to them with the petition. 

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