Help ODE become complete. Need a liquor license for Martinis

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2015-05-21 13:11

I want to show the following for the martinis. Original craft recipes all from the island of Puerto Rico.



2015-05-21 17:52

The owner Clay has a great restaurant , being able to have a drink while dining would make the dining experience even better.



2015-05-21 18:08

I agree that the owner Clay has a great restaurant. It serves delicious food. Enjoying one of original craft martini as well would be very nice and appreciated.

Eric at BD Cafe


2015-05-21 18:20

ODE is a local business in Rincon like most business in this town we rely on tourist. Tourist from the states and from all around Puerto Rico. ODE is a establishment with a genuine owner (Clay) that cares for the local economy by hiring locals. He provides great service, amazing food, drinks needed(u Clay is an expert drink mixologist by trade. He can make some killer martini's and the license should be approved for business) and just an amazing staff.

As a fellow business owner in Rincon this establshment is a big part of the Rincon community and with out this license the restaurant can't prosper to bring in more clientele. At the end of the day Clay is bring local jobs and tax dollars to Rincon and Puerto Rico in general.



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2015-05-22 12:16

#4: Eric at BD Cafe -  


BE Rincon ( tourist information center)  received more than 100 visitors a day and all they ask about Ode to Elephants.

Enid / BE Rincon



2015-05-22 12:51

I live a few houses away from the ode and would really like to see them succeed. I have never had a problem with them or any of their customers.



2015-05-22 19:30

It seems counter productive and a extremely biased application of licensing considering what is permitted (by the drink sales )within a stones throw of Ode' balcony ????



2015-05-23 12:04

I like to know why this happened. Anybody knows?



2015-05-23 14:33

This is a great place, the service & food are excelent and we want those martinis back!



2015-05-23 16:45

Ode is an amazing restaurant adding value to the entire community. They operate within reasonable business hours and respectful of the neighbors. It will be a shame if they cannot get a liquor license!!



2015-05-23 21:47

Ode is one of my favorite restaurants. The martinis were the best. It is nearly impossible for a restaurant to survive without a liquor license. I want this restaurant to survive.


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2015-05-24 03:37

Thanks for your support.  Since I started this bussiness I had to acquire all permits as a new business.  Our immediate neighbors feel that no business should be permitted to operate on this street and are seeking an injunction.  Hacienda says they cannot issue a liquor license to any business that there is an opposition from the neighbors.



2015-06-28 15:58

I love the restaurant and I love the vibe. A lot of great people work there and they need the support of a full functional restaurant to continue earning money and to continue giving awesome service.



2015-06-28 16:12

My wife and I love to go there to escape our daily routine. We miss the experience of the superb martinis Clay used to make, honestly everything together made our day. I hope they get their permits soon we will really hate it to see it closed. Clay and his staff are great people that are making a living in an honest and hard earned way. We love the vibe there, every time we go there is always music playing in a low volume in the background and for experience the people visiting are very polite. Its a family place.