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G.A.Prabath Kumara

#1 Justice

2011-03-24 05:38

Justice should be felt by complainer and the Victim both.
Jayantha Gnanakone


2011-03-24 09:59

Taste of paradise and State Terrorism.
Now Sinhalese opposition are being terrorized, too.

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2011-03-24 12:56

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2011-03-24 12:56



2011-03-24 12:57

Rule of law,Justice for all must prevail With regard to the Katunayake airport incident perpetrators should be brought to book.
deshadrohige wikramabahu

#6 deshadrohiyo

2011-03-24 13:21

some greedy back stabers of sri lanka collect funds from western LTTE supporters to recreate carnage in Sri Lanka. this terror sympathisers should be hang.
Ahmat zeidane

#7 Il faut toujours

2011-03-24 19:35

Le temps est venu afin que toute personne rendre avec ses droits.Mais pour ce que cela soit possible , il faudrait que tous les journalistes se communiquent par le biais d'un site qui intégrera un forum de discussions sur toutes les questions qui touchent la vie humaine.


#8 shame on police of sri lanka

2011-03-25 04:12

It is the prime duty of the SL police to assure the law and peace in the cuntry. If the police became a biased institution for a person or a group of person then where the people go for justice?
There are lot more to comment on this and that of the recent behaviour of the police of Sri Lanka. However the police itself has lost its confidence among the people.
Clement Peris

#9 need justice

2011-03-25 08:01

There are no way to find any thing in the society where justice doesn't exist.Time to tame "unjust" acts by "power".



2011-03-26 05:03

It was not a surprise in the yester years. But a Government which bost to have curtailed the robber gangs in white vans is a passive spectator. Is the Government collude with them or incapable of control?The complaint should be registered and investigated to justice.



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2011-03-27 02:01

mr.IGP please restore dessapearing justice in Sri Lanka.


2011-03-27 12:01

minimum low and order must take handle by police department