Stop the Killing of Cape Baboons.

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2011-04-29 14:00

I agree with Jean-Francois Avenier. If you want the benefit of living in nature, but do not understand wildlife and especially have any consideration for the needs of the animals in that area - please move back to the bronx or the City where you clearly belong. We live in the South Peninsula and enjoy sharing the baboon's natural environment with them. We DONT CARE having them "stealing" food or overturning our waste-bins. They are doing what comes natural - the quest for food. They dont pull out guns and shoot us and they leave our TV's VCR's Cameras, Cellphones and money exactly where we left them, so we would much rather prefer living among the baboons than next to a area pestered with criminals. Leave our baboon in peace and co-exist with them or LEAVE Cape Town and move back to the CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE YOU CAME FROM if that is what you prefer.



2011-05-05 19:58

Baboons were here before the human race