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2015-07-26 00:53

Our community needs this!



2015-07-26 06:12

It's a great idea. We need this for our kids. They can't ride on the footpaths or roads and the parks are so lame



2015-07-27 10:10

This would be a fantastic asset for Grey Lynn as well as encouraging the kids to take up biking



2015-07-27 10:15

me and my son travel to Auckland often during the bmx season. when its, raining bmx tracks are closed, so this would be good for all year round riding. and pumping is the most important skill in bmx racing so this would be perfect for improving those skills. lance nz#3 and tyla nz#2



2015-07-27 10:36

Our kids need a safe place to have fun, burn off energy and learn skills. What could be better than a pump track at the local park. It would turn a boring piece do grass into a fun and challenging destination.



2015-07-27 19:02

Great for all ages keeps People of the street .



2015-07-27 19:33

Awesome idea!
Great for families especially an ashphelt one as it sould be usable all year round!



2015-07-27 22:09

Our kids need this. Will be great for the community



2015-08-01 23:34

Just love riding bikes and want to encourage my son to do the same



2015-08-02 00:30

This is very much needed around the central city, the bike in Norchcote, is very popular and we need something similar over here another good place for one would be Potters park.



2015-08-02 06:14

It would be good for the locals and there is plenty of room on the park



2015-08-02 07:00

Because my kids loved riding their bikes when they were smaller and pump tracks get them outside and provide another place to take kids on an exciting excursion.



2015-08-02 07:02

More pump tracks in aucklAnd the better!! This is the playground for 3 to 65+ years old... Every park in auckland should have a pump track. Then every kid will be able to learn to bike ride and lens auckland transport plan can be achieved! The opex to run these tracks are minimal once set up.



2015-08-02 08:01

Fun for the kids in neighbourhood



2015-08-02 11:15

My grandchildren who live close to the proposed track would love it. They are currently 7 and 5 and love the outdoors and riding bikes skateboards and scooters.



2015-08-03 01:42

Pump tracks are the new playgrounds and skate parks, they cater for so many ages and skill levels, provide fitness and skills. they are silent and require no maintenance if using asphalt. So great for the community.

I also want one in Albany too ha ha.



2015-08-03 07:09

We need a track like this in this area. If we get people biking it has massive benefits for community at large



2015-08-03 07:36

Great idea for all the kids around Grey Lynn Park - fantastic initiative Scott.



2015-08-03 08:16

Because pump tracks are an excellent way to provide fun for the public. Especially the kids, whom not all enjoy just playing on a boring playground



2015-08-03 08:33

Auckland needs a pump track!! Infact every town needs a pump track for the community to enjoy



2015-08-03 14:31

I've got kids. I all for them having great things to do locally and safely



2015-08-04 07:38

I live just up the road. Our family loves biking. I believe we need more options in the city to bike, keep families together and entertained.



2015-08-04 08:32

Roads and footpaths are not suitable for children and there are no amenities like this designated for children to ride their bikes.
If we can put a skate park in Victoria park, surely we can put a much needed bike track in Grey Lynn- it would be a great community asset.

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2015-08-05 11:06



2015-08-06 02:08

I live in the area. Great idea for kids in the community. Keeps the kids and community together amongst many other benefits.

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