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2012-03-05 16:26

The way in which DSTV have presented their various packages is clearly discriminatory. If one wishes to enjoy Supersport 1 & 2 you are forced (extortion?) into the cost of the Premium Package. If you like Football (Supersport 3 & 4)then you can choose their Compact Package for less than half the price. Why can't I elect to watch Supersport 1&2 on their Compact Package? This is dicriminating in favour of Soccer Lovers and tantamount to extortion.

I can see no logical reason for DSTV's approach other than greed. You can bet your life's savings if we consumers were given the option to select a compact package with Supersport 1 & 2, 99% of SA would go for it. Sadly this will never happen simply because DSTV will have its income cut in half overnight!

I would even be happy to have just Supersport 1&2 only for R50.00 or something per month, most of the other stuff is rubbish anyway, I'd rather read a book!

I have already given up on DSTV and now go to the pub to watch my rugby, beers (+/- 30 per month), are paid for by saving the exhorbitant fee for Premium DSTV.



2012-03-05 20:24

DSTV need a wake up call, enough is enough. Good time to look at other obtions



2012-03-06 10:57

Valid comments. We pay more for repeated programmes and more adverts. The value has declined significantly. It is getting to the point where it is becoming more of a grudge purchase to pay for DSTV than a valuable service we want.



2012-03-07 10:24

I have said since DSTV's inception that I would only 'buy in' if I could choose my own channels. There should be rates for say 10, 15, 20 channels or whatever, OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING. I will not pay for the dubious honour of having a dozen sports channels on offer (mostly soccer).



2012-03-25 13:33

i am aslo very dissapointed in dstv they are putting up the price but they are showing the same stuff over and over again that is not fair

#6 DSTV is over for me

2013-09-03 18:02

I have cancelled completely and will not be returning. I have hooked up my PC to my TV and am watching web TV. I pay for a 4mb ADSL uncapped and watch till the cow come home. Found sites like smarterthinking.co.za and the live TV and video content is amazing, as well as offering a free try before you buy. DSTV is a thing of the past..


2014-01-27 14:28

You watch less than half the channels and the ones you actually would like to watch,plays the same junk every day. Waste of money. Decrease your fees.



2014-03-04 13:33

Shocking.ask the children ed,edd,eddy showed when my child was 4y she recently whatch the same program she now 9y.i can go on for long.they dont buy knew programs cause they making big bucks from showing same stuff.



2014-06-19 16:38

Hi dstv why is chanel 125 stil no sond its now 2 days please look in to it



2015-09-12 06:33

Im paying R1014.00 a month for the premium package and there is no value for the amount paid.The series are poorly planned. Not much comedy and action series. The repeats are irritating. We look forward to watching movies at home but it's very sad to say that there's nothing good to watch. Same repetitive movies. We love series such as the type like arrow,elementary,hawai 5 o, grim, beauty and the beast. Very disappointing

#11 Bad service

2016-08-17 06:52

I agree with #10 that the total package is a waste of good money with all the repeats and advertising. I rather use the free movie sites on Google to sellect what ever I want to look at for free. Give us a choice to sellect programs, and you will get my support again.