Soap Fans Demand ABC To Cancel The View Already!

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2015-09-18 00:51

I used to watch ABC from GMA to the 11p News. That changed on April 11, 2011 the day Brian Frons announced the cancellation of long running All My Children and One Life To Live. From that day on the only ABC shows on my television were AMC, OLTL and GH. Now it's down to GH. The View has become a mouthpiece for the politically liberal. God forbid one does not fit into the agenda of the shows hosts. This fact was proven to be true on Monday's show when Behar and Collins went after Miss Colorado. I applaud J&J and Eggland's Best for standing up for nurses by pulling their ads. As a soap fan I demand ABC/D listen to us and cancel the View and bring back AMC & OLTL!



2015-09-18 01:01

Cause it's a crappy show! I use to watch but it went down hill



2015-09-18 01:14

The View is done. It has been a laughing stock since the original cast left. Whiny bitches.



2015-09-18 01:31




2015-09-18 14:22

I hate this show! The chew is just as bad! You took off all my children and one life to live that I have watched for 40 years to put something like this on?
Both the view and chew are crude,rude and not worth a minute of my time! I have not watched ABC sine you took the soaps off the air.



2015-09-18 16:48

Never watched it before and sure won't now as I have family members that are nurses, one being an ER nurse!!!



2015-09-18 23:04

Goodbye view you have stuck your foot in your mouth to many times. It is time for ABC to put back on the shows that supported their daytime tv All My Children and One life to live. I use to watch ABC From 5 AM to 3:00pm and many primetime shows Now all I watch is General Hospital. Wake up people tired of talk, food, and reality tv. It is time to put fantasy back in Tv.



2015-09-19 15:33

They are ignorant women who feel their view is the only one, Joy is an ignorant cow she always was and always will be she is the reason years ago I stopped watching the show they are way to liberal and its their way or the highway bye bye



2015-10-31 13:07

Because I want my foster families back, and the shows on ABC really have gone so bad since soaps gone.