Remember the forgotten that died THE GYPSIES in the holocaust

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2011-05-06 01:58

They should Never Ever be forgotten.



2011-05-07 23:38

its time that all the gypsies that died in the holocaust,get the same recognition that the jewish people due,made just the same bleed the same,just have different cultures,and beliefs.



2011-05-08 17:20

RIP never forgotten



2011-05-09 17:57

We will always remember those that laid down their lives



2011-05-10 22:06

The World Must Never Forget how our people Suffered and Died in the holocaust along with the Jews . Never !



2011-05-18 07:58

I know that the official number of ppl who died was about 1/2 million. However, our people were not well documented just by the nature of being on the road so much. Many of our people were shot on site and there was no record of their death. We need for those hundreds of thousands who were never recorded to be recognized too. And when we do have our memorial(s), they should be assembled strictly by Rroma people. We need to tell our own story. Thank you, Laurie Erickson


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2011-05-18 08:02

#2: - We (Roma and Jews) even share a lot of the same types of laws and cultural norms.




2011-05-20 17:18

i am a jewish gypsy so its very very importasnt to me cathay birch



2011-06-12 23:02

to forget makes us weak, to remember keeps us strong and with strength we survive .x


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2011-06-12 23:04

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2011-06-14 02:18

Please Erect A Memorial To Our People That Suffered And Perished In the Holocaust. They Truly Deserve To Be Remembered And Never Ever forgotten. Mans inhumanity to his fellow Man Must Never Be Forgotten for The Sake Of The Future Of The Human Race.



2011-06-14 10:52

The Roma called the Jewish who suffered Smoke Brothers. Needs to be a fitting memorial for all the Roma who suffered alongside the countless Jews and other people who so inhumanely met their deaths.



2011-06-14 15:09

The Roma's Servnash-Dives/holocaust-Day must be observed every year.


2011-06-14 15:13

The Roma's Servnash-Dives/Holocaust-Day must be observed every year and a Memorial erected in their honour.



2011-08-02 21:17

lest we forget ...lives lost but never forgoten.



2011-08-02 21:19

never forget or forgive !!



2011-08-02 22:14

We should never forget any of the holocast victims, the gypsys, polish political prisoners, russian soldiers, gay & lesbians, and over 1,000,000 jews, never again will a human being be given that much power of life & death over another.



2011-08-02 23:07

Let us be sad when we remember the Horror that the Roma suffered at the hands of evil. Let us be sad enough to vow that it Must Not Ever Happen Again.Long Live The Roma ! R.I.P. Those that perished.



2011-08-03 00:16

Glad that it is being done. The truth needs to be told. It is a part of history.



2011-10-27 02:05

(we should never forget )what happened to all of these people (including) our gypsy people .a life lost is a loss, no matter what race you are from .



2011-11-12 20:32

To all who died in the war, we will remember and honour them



2012-01-05 15:56

there is no excuse for th slaughter of th innocence know other species would do this to thier own



2012-01-24 12:48

To be true to itself the telling of histories should be as inclusive as possible, small and personal, grand and general, so that everyone has a place a root in that story.



2012-01-24 21:29

we struggle on.........