Please release Jabba Flow and Dobra Doompa

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2015-12-22 22:16

It's killing me inside that I can't listen to this :(


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2015-12-25 06:36

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 me too :(



2015-12-26 12:36

Space reggae. Who wouldn't want space reggae? I like John Williams but I love space reggae. Give us the space reggae. In Huttese please xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
KP Kev the Poet

#4 Great idea

2015-12-26 12:38

I appreciate the opportunity to express my desire to hear it at my leisure.

Xando the hutt


2015-12-28 08:53

People please share everywhere this petition. We need to get this known so they will release our space reggae!



2016-01-02 02:45

It is an excellent piece of music.



2016-01-02 02:47

Space reggae, my husband and children loved it .



2016-01-02 04:16

Man, I bought the soundtrack hoping this song was on it.
Xando The Hutt

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2016-01-04 13:25

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 me too! let's make this petition be shown everywhere. we need our space reggae! 



2016-01-10 06:07

I was so sad this wasn't on the album. Please release the space reggae!! 



2016-01-11 02:30

The song is so awesome!



2016-01-14 22:28

The song is amazing and I love it every time I hear it in the movie! Please release it!



2016-01-16 05:04

No Space Reggae ? Dis bad juju my man. Please let everybody enjoy the nice music you composed. We don't even hear the whole thing in the movie!



2016-01-19 11:14

Too awesome to not have.



2016-01-21 05:50

Great songs!



2016-01-27 16:53

I specifically went looking for these songs after seeing the titles in the end credits, and to my great disappointment they were not on the soundtrack. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if they know we want them then they'll maybe get included on an extended edition soundtrack?



2016-02-07 04:48

I listen to the Star Wars soundtrack frequently, and would love for these to be included



2016-02-09 01:20

I like the songs



2016-02-20 04:20

I really want these to be available to us. ;) :)
Xando Geddes


2016-03-04 03:55

Jabba Flow has been released but in a remixed version. Let's spread the word so Lin Manuel Miranda and J.J Abrams can release the original versions. ;)



2016-05-06 09:47

rejoice my friends! the song has been released! may the force be with you always!