ROMANIA-NORWAY, jointly for the Bodnariu children

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#26 Re:

2016-01-17 12:42

#20: - the animals and the way THEY PROTECT THEIR BABIES...even sacrificing their own life...see animals encyclopedia...Barnevernet is beyond any human understanding, a nazi inherited agency that hides behind THE SUGAR COATING name "child protection services". The psycologigal torture of the children and their parents cries apparently riched the heavens and I'm afraid God's judgement is at Norway's door. I sincerely pray that ALMIGHTY GOD have mercy on NORWAY and help them change this UNHUMAN way of KIDNAPPING children from their BELOVED "inocent" parents.



2016-01-17 13:28

Let the Bodnariu´s Kids free, justice for all and punish the Barnevernet agents



2016-01-17 14:16

Because it was wrong.



2016-01-17 15:54

The removal of children from a family who loves them and cares for them, the distruction of their family, the removal of parental rights, the moral torture of this little children who cry out for the arms of their parents and of their parents who long to see them back, the radiation of an infant and his removal from the mother's breast...the trauma that will scar this family for life...are more than just a disregard for human rights, are crimes against these people. 



2016-01-17 16:43

I believe that children should not be separated from their parents.



2016-01-17 17:02

Because the Norwegian authorities, in the form of Barnevernet, have carried out an act of abuse of authority and power, in breach of the International conventions on child welfare and clearly against the interests of the children.


#32 Re:

2016-01-17 17:03

#29: -  

I agree with you



2016-01-17 19:15

Il rugam pe Bunul Dumnezeu Iehova sa ii aduca la Casa lor pe cei cinci copilasi in numele Lui Cristos! Amin


#34 Re: Shame Norway Authorities

2016-01-17 19:35



2016-01-17 19:38

I am appalled at the level of control over the Bodnariu family? Please release these children to their parents. I'm sure it has been traumatizing to the children.


2016-01-17 19:38

Shame on you, Norway! What a disgrace that you are allowing this agency to do such a horrible thing. You do not care about the welfare of these children. These children are being harmed so much more by you taking them away than they SUPPOSEDLY are at home with their parents. This is what the whole world is beginning to see and hear of when Norway is mentioned. What a shame. 



2016-01-17 20:54

It was very troubling to ready what the Gov't of Norway has allowed to happen to this family .. Action is needed immediately not to further damage the children emotionally.

#38 Rusine Norvegia!

2016-01-17 22:49

Am inteles ca cei mici au dubla cetatenie norvegiana si romana.Asadar statul roman trebuie sa fie vehement ca acestor copii sa le fie respecate drepturile.Sa nu lase o institutie discretionara care practic am inteles ca face ce vrea in Norvegia sa distruga o familie si sa-i terorizeze pe acesti copii.Este un abuz fatis,mizerabil din partea institutiei norvegiene si implicit din partea statului norvegian iar lucrurile nu trebuie sa ramana asa.Trebuie sa protestam vehement si sa cerem ca toate institutiile europene cu competenta in acest caz sa intervina pentru luarea unei hotarari juste:pentru reintregirea familiei.Rusine!Asta este civilizatia norvegiana? 


#39 #NorwayDisappointment

2016-01-18 03:14

Very disappointed that a civilized nation would steal children without due process to protect the children's and parent's rights over the government. Shame on Norway's politicians for the allowing such blatant violation of human rights.



2016-01-18 04:17



2016-01-18 06:36

So, one family may not educate the children according to what the parents think is right? That is, in a way, even worse than what the comunist state in Romania did. The state that proclaimed atheism did not take the children of the families of any Christian confession, although the ideology of the state proclaimed loud and clear that they are against any belief in God. Yet, a so-called democratic state will not allow the parents to educate the children as they see fit? And hoe many would then wish to have children seeing that they are not allowed to educate them?

Apparently there are some who are definitely anti-Christian and would do whatever it takes so sthat the name of Christ would not be mentioned. And that is the main reason why they really wish to take away the children from Christian families.

As to education, Ițm 100% certain that the parents can't do with the children whatever they want, because, anyway, the children have their own personality and inclinations, and, in case the parents push their children the wrong way when they are young,when they get to be in their teens, they will chose a different way. Yet, let the parents try to educate their children as they thik they should. The well-meaning organizations should rather offer advice as to what they see fit, but should definitely not act like some kind of an inquisition.

I have the distinct feeling that the western society tends to become more and more anti-Christian. Instead of burning to the stake as the inquisition did (or giveing them to be torn by beasts, as the Ceasers did), so-called well-meaning organizations sue them for whatever public expression of their belief in Christ they have. And the worst thing I've seen is taking their children. What could be worse? Burning to the stake proved to be ineffective. But this seems to be much worse and may possibly prove to be an effective means of eliminating Christianity from Europe. But this way they won't be able to eliminate Christ. He is coming and He will have the last word. And I can't really imagine what an awful thing awaits those who do not repent. 



2016-01-18 15:02

These children are and will be way better (from all points of view) with their parents/family than without them!!!



2016-01-18 18:31

I have a friend who knows this family.



2016-01-18 19:57

psalmul 127:3-5 este clar si familia a fost investita de Dumnezeu pt cresterea si educarea copiilor ,in mod special daca e vorba de o familie crestina ,ea

fiind responsabila pt aceasta inaintea lui Dumnezeu



2016-01-19 18:34

I am very upset that they are able to walk into a home and take the children without a good reason.



2016-01-19 19:25

I signed this petition because it is clearly an abuse what happened to Bodnariu family and to all the others family that they children were taken without any pertinent reasons!



2016-01-19 20:48

I signed because for a government agency to take away the kids of family when they are not in any danger is a shame. Not only that but the baby of the family was only 2-3 months old. That is outrageous!



2016-01-19 20:51

To return the five Bodnariu children to their parents quickly,



2016-01-19 21:57

All the five children must be united with the parents



2016-01-20 13:48

May God help you in this endeavor -

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