Protect Human Rights from Pornography

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2016-01-22 11:50

Because this cause is under fought and needs reform to stop the insurmountable trauma caused.



2016-01-22 17:16

Even animals in film-making are treated better than women in porn. It is not sex. It is filmed prostitution. It is actual beatings, rape and acts of degradation. The average age of first XXX gonzo porn watching for boys in US is 11. They've seen more rapes before their first kiss. The violence depicted and taught by this filmed prostitution harms actual women in its making, and all women in its outcomes. Pornography debases women when they show her liking ATM, DP, TP, throating, rosebudding. It's all torture and abuse of women, filmed with prostitutes - and is not acceptable. Regulate and educate.



2016-01-22 20:37

Pornography degrades women as objects and playthings.



2016-01-23 11:55

We support this petition because pornography does incalculable harm to performers, women, children, and all of society. It fuels violence against women, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and more. Steps must be taken to reduce this harm as much as possible.



2016-01-23 15:48

I believe in making porn illegal straightaway. nevertheless, I support anything that reduces its harms.



2016-01-25 18:31

Thank you petition happy days



2016-01-25 22:04

porn is everywhere. its bad.


2016-01-25 22:06

ban homemade porn - then case closed on child/revenge/nonconsensual porn. if homemade porn people wants to make money then get registered and pay tax like all businesses do.



2016-01-28 13:35

i really agree because if we want to fight porn, we can't only start from the addict, we should also start from the actor/actress themselves.. they need to realize about the dirty business of porn



2016-01-28 15:28

i agree if you have to pay to watch nudity and porn you will not do it unless you far gone



2016-01-28 23:54

if this petition got a million signatures it still wouldnt even stand the slightest chance. 



2016-01-30 02:45

Porn exploits human beings and objectifies and degrades them for money. It harms real people, sometimes children and animals, and damages or even destroys a user's chance at real, lasting relationships based on love, which take real work and sacrifice but are ultimately worth far more than a physical reaction. It also gives people unrealistic and harmful expactations of everything from what a "beautiful" male and female body should look like to what love and sexual intimacy "should be". Men in my generation (X) often can't be aroused by so-called "vanilla" (natural) sex with a partner anymore and must resort to masturbation & more extreme (degrading) acts in order to become aroused. Women in these relationships feel betrayed, undesirable, dirty, and replaceable. Sex is turned into an ugly and shameful thing. What about the industry which profits off the people trapped in its sick web, often because of addiction, abuse, poverty, and even slavery? It resorts to ever more outrageous, deviant, and sickening measures to titillate and sell its wares. It should be illegal in the strongest sense to profit off of the vulnerability of other people and their pain, and to knowingly and actively contribute to cultural breakdowns which ensure more of that pain and sickness for the sake of profit.



2016-01-30 18:55

I would support banning homemade pornography. I say ban homemade porn. It is a problem of privacy, trust and victimization. Just look at revenge porn for what it is. Porn must be made as profession and not leaked by ex-bfs.



2016-01-31 15:41

Pornography is undoubtedly harmful in many ways. people can comfortably ignore the question of morality but, how can its negative effects on mental and emotional health be ignored ?



2016-02-09 16:33

Children are not meant to send porn. It changes their minds. It then develops men and women that become addicted to porn. It's a terrible existence having a loved one and or spouse that is addicted to porn, and dont feel their addicted. Feel it's normal looking at young and very children. This world is getting worse and worse. Porn is rampant. The Internet and social media are out of control.



2016-02-18 06:43

Global evidence on the porn industry shows that it can be incredibly damaging. The proposals in this petition work towards reducing some of that damage. In particular, early exposure to porn by children is now a public health crisis. See also



2016-03-02 12:50

Something has to be done to stop all forms of pornography being open to children. Also adult pornography could help to stop the growing addiction to child abuse images and films. People who watch or download these images are aiding and abetting the rape of vulnerable innocent children, it steals their souls, and they are damaged for the rest of their lives.



2016-03-10 00:30

What is asked for here is sensible,not an end to porn,but protections for people in the industry, safeguards against abuse and a depiction that isn't denigrative or demeaning to women. Please sign & share



2016-06-06 02:23

Because this needs to END FOR GOOD and FOREVER from the Internet because it distorts marriages and the minds of children!

#20 Re:

2017-01-02 22:50

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 Agreed. The things that happen in the industry are disgusting and damaging to the people involved and people (often far too young) viewing. 


#21 i agree with banning porn

2017-09-19 03:31

porn kills! porn does more harm than good. porn kills love relationships. stop propaganda now!


#22 Re: gender equality

2018-03-14 07:31

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porn is not only degradeable to women but also to men and children.


#23 Reform porn

2018-05-18 22:35

please reform the access to porn. Anyone can reach it with one click regardless of the age... and by this creating very young adicts.

Molly Ested

#24 the right not to be sexually harrassed

2018-07-12 04:12

people should have the right not be sexually harrassed with forced exposure to porn.  Besides, it's so shallow to obsess over some human's flesh and ignore their at first sight only goes skin deep. Unconditional love or true love goes deeper than the physical world and lasts even after the physcial body is long gone.