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2011-06-05 13:35

Every Issue is important. I advise if MR Imran Khan set his ego aside and be kind enough to take over PCB atleast if he feels and realise the Board who made him what he is today needs him rather strugling to become PM.

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2011-06-05 15:01

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with all due respect to the person above,

You are not getting the point, PCB is directly under the government, and its PATRON is PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN, who assigns the HEAD OF PCB. How can imran khan come under the corrupt government, DO YOU THINK they will allow him to work under them with 0 corruption etc... for any sane persone. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO become PCB chairman.


The best thing is TO KILL THE SNAKE BY THE HEAD ... become the primeminister of pakistan and then not only PCB rather all sports will come in line.



2011-06-06 04:04

jst 56 signatures so far... we need 9999944 more :P ...


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2011-06-06 06:14

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AGREED! Spread the word... FAST! We are racing against time!





2011-06-06 18:11

i want PCB to put its house in order along with the Chairman's resignation.



2011-06-07 04:59

Mr. Butt.


2011-06-08 19:07

Ijazz Butt is anni maa ka bacha. Also, gashti ka.